Will I Receive Support Once My Injury Claim Is Completed?

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then your solicitor can coordinate your medical care for you throughout the claims process. This service is offered to everyone, no matter the extent of their injuries, and your solicitor will recover their costs for doing so from the other side, or build the cost into the percentage they take from your compensation. So the cost of medical coordination will never hit your pocket.

Will I Receive Support Once My Injury Claim Is Completed?

In terms of support after your claim is completed, it may be agreed between your solicitor and the other side that the other side continues to pay for your medical care for a set period of time (usually up to 12 months). If this is agreed, then the other side will take over the coordination of your medical care, or your solicitor will continue to coordinate support for you and bill the other side for their time. Which is these scenarios applies to you depends on the agreement that is made between your legal advisors and the other side.

The types of support that can be coordinated for you include support for physical injuries, support for emotional injuries and support for psychological injuries. It is often the case with traumatic accidents that the victims experience post-traumatic stress disorder, a debilitating and persistent disorder. The treatment for PTSD has advanced considerably over the last fifteen years, so if you are suffering from it, the good news is there is effective treatment for your condition. This treatment can be coordinated by your solicitor.

For example, at UK Claim Lawyers (visit us here), your solicitor will provide you with legal support throughout the claims process and they will, upon your request, coordinate the specialist medical care you need. In addition to this, medical support coordination for your family is also available. Perhaps members of your family are suffering from emotional and or psychological injuries as a result of the accident – whatever the case, the claims process can include your family and even friends.

Support for family members is common when it comes to road traffic accidents. Usually, family members are passengers at the time of an accident. Individual family members can make separate personal injury claims with the same solicitor. However, you may prefer to make a personal injury claim simply yourself. That’s fine. Support can still be coordinated for your family members to ensure that they are looked after and can return to their everyday lives. To get this support, simply ask your solicitor. Your solicitor will communicate with the relevant people and get your support going. You won’t have to worry about it at all.

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