WPC Boards and Its Benefits

WPC is known as Wood Plastic Composites. It is a composite item created by having thermoplastics combined with wood fiber or flour. There are also other types of additives used.  However, they are considered to be practically invisible and are present within the structure of composite material, fillers and mineral pigments. Moreover, the additives present also assist to enhance the processing optimal conditions to combine polymer and wood powder.

WPC Boards and Its Benefits

What else does WPC Plastic Board Contain?

There are present various types of inorganic filler substances in WPC, which is regarded to be a subtype comprising of wide range of materials known as NFPC (Natural Fiber Plastic Composite). It is rather a new material when traditional lumber usage is taken into consideration as construction material.

These days, WPC is said to come with several versatile applications such as fencing, landscaping, cladding, railing, creating door and window frames, furniture, etc. It was since the 1990’s that WPC started to be used a popular material for decking purpose.

WPC benefits for decking as well as other Purposes

  • Safe to be used: When compared to traditional form of wooden building material, the WPC boards have been stated to be splinter free and slip resistant, thereby making homes completely safe for children and pets.
  • Low maintenance: All types of elements can be withstood easily by WPC, without requiring staining, painting or sealing the same that is regarded to be a huge burden, generally associated with the traditional building materials. Furthermore, bugs are stated to be refraining away from it. Hence, there is no need for the person to have the WPC boards to be replaced due to damages caused by insects, rotting and uneven problems.
  • Enhances value by a huge margin: With WPC materials used for fencing, decking and other purposes, and the home’s market value gets automatically enhanced. It can prove to be more than useful, especially if the person has intention to sell the property for good amount of money.
  • Durable:  Decks and wood boards are stated to appear good, however, does not last much long. Scalding summers, rainy springs and frigid winters do make the wooden materials to get faded, splintered and warped with time. These factors do not affect much the WPC materials and tends to come with warranties provided for durability. Also, it does not suffer from decay, rot and corrosion of any type.
  • Type and color: There is provided wide range of colors by WPC manufacturers which include those having traditional wood finish.
  • Easily and quickly moldable: Great workability is noticed in WPC materials. By making use of traditional woodworking tools, they can be effectively and efficiently fashioned.
  • Cuts down expenses: Wood material may seem to be affordable in the short term. However, WPC in the longer run proves to be a much better and cost effective material, since costs such as sealing and cleaning can be avoided. Splinter occurs in wood over time and also warps.

The above benefits of WPC are what have been termed to be favoring people to make use of it in their home.

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