10 Magnificent Blonde Hair Color Shades You Will Love To Give A Try

Blonde hairs have their own place of pride. Many of our famous celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Taylor Swift have blonde hair. Most of us have at some time wanted to have blonde hair. The best part of having a blonde hair is that the hair color ideas that go with it are so numerous that you will be spoiled for choice. An annual event is held in Riga, Latvia called Go Blond Festival.

If you are planning on dying your hair blonde or have blonde hair you could try out the 10 magnificent shades that we are bringing you below.

10 Magnificent Blonde Hair Color Shades You Will Love To Give A Try

1.Dark Blonde color: Dark blonde hair color goes very well for people who have medium to fair complexion. It is a warm color and looks gorgeous. It is the ideal shade for brunettes looking to lighten their hair.

2.Auburn honey blonde highlighting: You could use balayage if the full head blonde is not what you have in mind. It begins with a deep shade of beautiful auburn on top that turns to caramel brown as you go down and ends in honey blonde giving a gorgeous look.

3.Ash blonde color: This is a silvery shade most suited for women with dark colored eyes and medium to dark complexion. It is the perfect shade to go with your summer tan.

4.Honey blonde shadow root shade:This is the ideal shade for the women who want to go the natural path for hair coloring. The roots are colored a medium brown or leave them if they are a natural darker shade. Now use honey blonde and ash blonde shades to color rest of the hair. It gives a natural sun lightened look.

5.Light Blonde color hair:This is the shade that goes well with any complexion. You must first do a golden blond base and add cool tones, your hair stylist can do it right. By adding texture your hair will look healthy and thick.

6.Honey blonde multidimensional:This is a gorgeous shade that will have people following you. The color used for the base is dark blonde, light honey blonde is used at the ends to enhance the look giving your hair good depth. By curling your hairs it will give the look of a kaleidoscope of blonde shades.

7.Strawberry blonde shade:The length of your hair does not matter here as this shade goes well with both short and long hair. This color suits you well if you have naturally warm-toned hair.

8.Balayage of copper and honey blonde:This is the shade for you if you are not sure whether you want red hair or blonde hair. Copper color base with honey blonde shades highlighting the hair towards the end adds dimension.

9.Goldilocks:This balayage has a light platinum blonde base and uses the honey blonde highlights to give your hair a mesmerizing look.

10.Rose gold honey blonde:If you like rose gold hair you can go for this metallic shade. Color your hair with honey blonde and give undertones of pink. The rose gold sheen is gorgeous.

Conclusion:The immense possibilities of different shades encourage you to experiment and come up with hair color for women that is unique to you. It is suggested that you begin with the nearest shade matching your hair color whether darker or lighter. You can go further away from one coloring to the next if you desire.

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