11 Horror Movies You Should Definitely Watch With Your Friends

Horror films have always has the knack to thrill and in most cases, scare. They base their intriguing nature on three main aspects tension, relevance and unrealism. The tension manifests through mystery and shock while unrealism is the exaggerated nature by which events unfold in the plot. Relevance on the other hand is attributed to the impact on the audience, speaking of which the following are universally relevant horror films youought to watch.

11 Horror Movies You Should Definitely Watch With Your Friends


The name speaks for itself. Just by mentioning ‘Alien’ sends shivers down the spine. This 1979 thriller is about an armored alien monster with scary teeth and acid as blood. Even though there has been an argument as to the exact genre of the movie-whether sci-fi or horror, it is a combination of both. This is what makes it scary, creepy and outright terrifying.


If credit is being given to films that ushered a new era of blockbuster horror movies, then Jaws deserves applause. This 1975 film by Steven Spielberg depicts shark as a ferocious and merciless killing machine that even surfers and swimmers would think twice about pursuing their hobbies after watching this film. The suspense in the film is nerve wrecking.

3.The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This Tom Hooper’s film is more disturbing than it is a horror movie. It features a chain saw wielding man from Texas with a mask of human skin who also happens to be part of a dysfunctional cannibal family. This film has transgressive and brutal scenes not meant for the faint hearted.


Audition is about a widower named trying to find new companion. Events in this film unfold in an unprecedented manner not to mention scary and agonizing as the viewers watch their way towards the film’s climax. It is a perfect film for group of friends because it is only then that the plot can be broken down for comprehension.

5.Train to Busan

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, this is one of the most captivating zombie horror movies of all time. What makes this film unique is the way events unfold very fast but not to the extent of losing the viewer along the way. Characters and plot are interconnected all through to the end. It is worth your time.


Mike Flanagan has managed to make this film one of the most creative movies in the horror business. Imagine being deaf and trapped in your house by a masked murderer. You are being stalked and the worst part is that you cannot hear the stalker/killer approaching you. The plot summary itself is terrifying.

7.The Wailing

Na Hong-jin’s master piece develops a comprehensive plot and carries the user to the film and the characters in a way that they connect with them as the story and plot unfolds. This gradual theme development helps the viewer to experience the pain inflicted by the unflinching and merciless antagonists of the story. It will surely keep you rapt for the entire period.

8.The Exorcist

The Exorcist explores contrasting difference in religious themes from a traditional perspective and how people express and view spiritual faith in the modern context. It contains blasphemous twists and other spiritual connotations that can really give you psychosomatic itching. If you love mystery, then this is definitely your kind of movie.

9.The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The morgue is a perfect setting for horror films but few movies have managed to embrace its impact to this genre of film. However, this Andre Ovedal’s movie has managed to use the frightening environment of the mortuary to its advantage. After watching this film, you will never wish to be taken there, even when dead.

10.The Invitation

This is another perfect horror film to watch as a group. This film centers around a man suffering from PSTD who is torn between the reality and fiction in his mind. Before the climax of the story, the story’s plot marauds the viewer’s mind for a considerable length of time from the beginning before plunging them into an oblivion of tension, suspense and trauma.

11.The Witch

This film explores the concept of witchcraft and has a beautiful setting that is completely transformed into a stage of tense and horrific displays of superstitions. It centers on feminine maturity into adulthood and what it meant for the characters in the story line. Like others in this list, it has an intriguing plot to analyze.


If you are looking for a good way to spend your weekday nights off, then these movies will surely keep you on the edge of your seat, literally speaking. The thrilling plots will make you discover more about your fears or phobias while entertaining you at the same time. Forget about the year of production or producer and enjoy the story line.

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