5 Smart Pest Control Tips

Pests are not simply a nuisance,they can severely affect yours as well as your family’s health. This is the reason why insect and bug prevention is very crucial in protecting homes,schools, businesses and other place where human live,play or work from a pest infestation. Are you fed up with having to deal with unwanted and scary pests in your home?

5 Smart Pest Control Tips

By using these 5 smart Pest Control tips you can them find their way out of your place.

1.Examine your House from outside

The best way to perform home pest control is to examine your home’s exterior. Inspect your home’s roof for leaks and make sure that all your downspouts and gutters are in good working condition and that pipes and splash blocks divert water several feet away from your house foundation. Gaps and cracks in your house’s foundation are convenient entryways for pests like cockroaches and insects.If you notice any opening in windows and doors try to get it filled as soon as possible. It is equally important to check your attic and crawl space as well.

2.Keep Trash away from your Home

Pests like rats and cockroaches become extremely happy when they easily find a garbage collection area. Keep patios, decks, garages and yards free of standing water, weeds and litter. Ensure garbage cans have tight lids and clean the area and cans on a regular basis to remove spills and debris on which the pests can easily feed. Latch and secure all your garbage cans and try to place them several feet away from your working place or home.

3. Keep your house clean

The more neat and clean your house is, the less attraction it will have for hungry pests. Pay more attention to your dining area and kitchen. Always dispose of your garbage regularly and properly as they are very attractive to pests. Always prefer original air tights boxes or containers to store food and snacks. Try to avoid leaving your pet food outside for a longer time because that food are appealing to all roaches, insects, and especially mice. Rinse and properly clean pans, dishes and pots etc daily.

4.Fix leaks and Get rid of standing water

Getting rid of or removing standing water is the first step to control mosquitoes. Ensure that there is no standing water collecting in or adjacent to your house foundation. Don’t let standing water to store in unused boxes,containers, pots, etc.,instead prefer taking old used tires to the dump. Replace leaking tanks or taps and also repair the drainage system or install a high quality pump if necessary. Inspect properly all tub, sink, laundry room, floor drains and basement.

5.Replace old Lights

For reducing flying insects around your windows and doors, replacing your old mercury vapor lights with new high pressure halogen lights available in the market will be a good idea. Bulbs with orange yellow or pink tints are tend to be less attractive to the flying insects. Nowadays it common to place lights on outside walls near windows or doors, it will be better to place the lights little far from your house entrance.

No one wants to share their home with unwanted scary pests. The best way to get rid of pests infestation and to protect your home from these allergic pests is to follow the above described Pest Control Cabot Arkansas tips.

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