7 Shocking Facts You Should Know About Weight Gain

Weight gain isn’t what people always think it is. It’s not that you are not making an effort to lose those extra pounds in your weight. The reality that it losing weight is difficult will always kick in that no matter what you do.

7 Shocking Facts You Should Know About Weight Gain

But sometimes, weight loss is beyond our reach not because we are not doing our best but because there are a few factors in our daily lives that our out of our control that can make us gain more. Here are a few of them:

1. It’s in your genes.

Some scientists call it the “fatso genes”. People suffering from obesity may not contribute their condition to genes, but sometimes, it can be a big factor too. It’s because these so-called fatso genes are transferred from generations to generations and can make you crave and eat high-calorie foods than our usual intake and since it is in your blood, there’s a huge possibility that you will have a hard time fighting those urges and cravings.

2. Sugar is addictive.

Aren’t you aware that sugary foods and desserts are addictive? Because of this, it is one of the few causes of gaining weight in winter. The said foods contain a neurotransmitter called dopamine that makes you feel good and lighten up your brain cells just like how drugs do to your body. In fact, the manufacturers of these foods literally used this mechanism to their advantage for them to let their consumers crave for their products that we all know can cause weight gain.

3. Sleep less, gain more.

Staying up late due to all those holiday parties that you have to attend to? Did you know that when you sleep less than what is required, you will gain weight faster? If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you can disturb your hormones in regulating hunger, therefore, making you eat more than your allowed calories per day (not to mention the late night snack cravings) without helping your body to digest those excess food intakes.

4. Obesity from a virus.

Our body are susceptible to different types of adenoviruses, starting from upper respiratory tract problems down to gastrointestinal issues. Due to this virus, the beneficial stem cells in our body can be converted to harmful fat cells including the stored fats in it that can also make their host gain weight.

5. You could have more fat cells.

This may be some of the unusual causes of gaining weight in winter. The number of fat cells in the body may vary from person to person. And the sad part is, you can’t lessen it. Even you lose a massive amount of weight in your body, your fat cells remain in their place, holding on to the fats that have already been there before and are continuing to crave for more. The only thing you can do is to limit the number of fats it will restore in the body.

6. It is contagious.

It is said that your weight gain can depend on your partner’s weight as well as the size of the people you interact with every day. In one of the studies conducted in England, it has been discovered that when your spouse is more likely to be a physically active individual, you, too, will have the same urge to do workouts with them that can lead you to weight loss. Moreover, if you are surrounded with obese people, then eating and slacking in the couch will be more interesting to do than doing a fitness exercise.

7. It doesn’t end in just eating.

We all know that eating is one of the primary causes of gaining weight in winter due to all the holidays we celebrate in this cold season. However, consuming excess calories doesn’t just end in eating. Beverages like soda, alcohol or even sassy water can cause you to gain weight too. As a matter of fact, you can add up to 400 calories per day from your liquid beverages. In total, that could cost you an extra 25% of your total daily calorie consumption.

Each and every item listed has been tried and tested to be proven. However, losing your weight must going beyond what is expected. Other principles to conclude are the physical training, stress factors and even the lifestyle you are into. Get yourself going, and you’ll see. Even the most unexpected facts can’t overcome your will and determination to lose weight.

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