Top 10 Workout Plan For Avoiding Weight Gain During Winter

Holidays entail personal freedom and the extra time to ourselves makes us perfectly complacent to factors that made sense in other times. This includes engaging in daily workout sessions, taking the extra calories in our diets and making do with whatever is provided in the parties attended. Afterwards, we cry of the amount of weight gained and have no ways to cut it down. Winter in specific is one of the holiday seasons that many want to avoid but can’t. This doesn’t have to be the case, you can still enjoy and eat as much during winter and not complain at the end of it all. Here are some of the top 10 workout plans to help you manage your weight and minimize gain.

Top 10 Workout Plan For Avoiding Weight Gain During Winter

1. Schedule Exercises

This is one of the causes of weight gain in winter. The season incorporates one of the longest and most appreciated and incorporative holidays around the world. You tend to lose touch with your workout plans and sessions go down the drain. Scheduling your exercises, having alerts to remind you of this fact and having someone of company is one of the best ways to avoid weight gain.

2. Party Food

Winter comes in with parties from friends, families, coworkers and more. This result to access to party foods, which are mostly junk food or foods high in carbohydrates and fats that add up calories in the body. Instead, enjoy the party with vegetables that are low calorie and protein snacks e.g. shrimp cocktails.

3. Back up Snacks

Excess hunger is caused by low temperatures resulting in the need to keep bites such as snacks at hand. These can cause weight gain in a very short time and the best way to avoid it is to carry nutritional and healthy snacks, seasonal fruits, vegetables especially those with the ability to detox such as kales, oranges etc. in the car, office or at home.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is a major constituent of drinks that people take during winter to keep them warm. However, alcohol has high amounts of calories that are causes of weight gain in winter. This is difficult to do especially in social gathering but the key is not taking it fast or consuming large amounts. Controlled drinking means you control the amount that goes into the body controlling weight gain.

5. Outdoor Games

In winter, many like to stay indoors due to the cold while outdoors, games and sports are taking place. Sporting is one of the ways that you can exercise and lose the extra weight you have gained, prevent increase in the long run and/or maintain your weight as desired. If not a sport person, hike and perform camping sessions up on the snow just for the fun of it.

6. Regular Weighing Sessions

Ensure you weigh yourself on a regular basis as a way to keep track of your weight. It assists in identifying the patterns that will result in weight gain and help you reign them in before it is too late. In addition, it offers motivation to keep moving on especially if you have lost some pounds.

7. Damage Control

Sometimes it is difficult to control the urge to engage in merry making and have fun with the others. You can deal with the case in a way that preserves your weight loss agenda; increasing your exercise period, performing extra and pushing yourself further during a workout will do.

8. Winter Drinks

People tend to take high calorie winter drinks such as lattes, chocolate, apple cider drinks, which are the main causes of weight gain in winter. Such drinks including whipped cream are some of the issues you should get rid off and not engage in this period. Seek an alternative that is healthier like syrup that is sugar free, skimmed milk or use plain everything i.e. plain tea.

9. Prepare a Strategy

Eating during the holidays should be minimized which is hard. Therefore, coming up with a strategy to eat less, talk more and socialize more is one of the ways to cut down on the weight gain.

10. Flu Period

Winter is sort of a palace for flu that comes during that specific period resulting in the abandonment of all the healthy ways and means to keep fit. Protect yourself from catching the flu using disinfectants, aerate the house regardless of the cold and spend more time outside than inside.


Working out is quite difficult during winter and especially during any holiday. By following the above workout plan and tips, be assured that you won’t gain weight and in some cases you might lose or maintain it.

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