Behind The Scenes Of An Insurance Claim

You have submitted your claim to the insurance company. What occurs next is a process where a client’s best interests are viewed as irrelevant. Professional loss adjusters use their knowledge and proficiency within the claim process to curtail the amount of money you will receive. Please know that the loss assessor, who is now attached to your claim, is acting, not on your behalf, but on the behalf of the insurance company.

The loss assessor will visits your property to inspect the damage that is involved within a claim, have a conversation about the nature and extent of the damage, before filing a comprehensive and confidential report to the insurance company. As the policy holder, you are not privy to viewing this report.

You will not receive any support in making a claim from either the insurance company you have paid into, or the loss adjuster, who has been sent to deal with your claim. As the applicant for a claim, you must be the person to navigate the process of your claim by submitting a complete assessment of your losses, and submitting the correct documents that are required, due to the policy you have with the insurance company. Often, this is done at a personal expense that is not recouped in the settlement.

As a practice of professional loss assessor, our recommendation is that you should refer to firm such as us before you place a claim through the insurance company. The reasons are simple:

  1. Professional loss adjusters will help to save money: In the bulk of claims, applicants are likely to recover a significant portion of moneys via a Public Loss Assessor, than by directly managing your own claim with your insurer, or the appointed loss adjuster. It is our practice that we maximize the reimbursement for you, within the parameters of your policy. It is an added bonus that you are our client, not the insurance company, unlike a loss adjuster, who is paid by them.
  2. It can be difficult to manage claims without the support of a professional, who understands the various ways an insurance company might slow the process. This is likely a difficult time already, and we can reduce your stress, give you more time to focus on important things. Our history as a reputable company means that you are in safe hands, as we settle and negotiate your reimbursements.
  3. There is a significant difference between the magnitude of your financial loss and the adjustment sums made by a lost adjuster, who works with your insurance company. We seek to display the scope of your loss, so that you are properly reimburse.
  4. While an insurer, and loss adjuster has a comprehensive array of expert resources (advocates, engineers, auditors, quantity surveyors, IT experts, etc.). It is not possible for you compete against these types of resources, however, we are working on your behalf. We have the resources, experience, and know how, to challenge the insurance company for your settlement.

It is imperative to note that each insurance claim, large or small, is valid for an evaluation by a lost assessor. By retaining one that is employed on your behalf, you will take full advantage of your claim under the standings of your plan. In this way, you can achievement the complete total you are rightfully entitled to.

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