Benefits Of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair analysis is generally useful for bringing out a person’s general state of nutrition and health; also it is meaningful in finding presumption to the disease.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

HTMA is a non-invasive and safe pathological test and it measures the comparative nutrients along with any toxic materials found in hair.

HTMA is regarded by many physicians, dietitian and nutritional therapists as one of the most comprehensive screening tools today available in preventative health care.

Hair analysis test Australia is a test that is non-invasive and measures the exact levels of nutrients along with the toxic micro metals found in the hair. It can detect an excess or deficiency of nutrient minerals such as Ca, Mg, K and Zinc. It can also detect the toxic metals such as arsenic, aluminum, cadmium and lead.

Benefits Of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Why Test for Minerals is Essential?

Minerals are the basic ‘elixir’ of life. Minerals like Na, K, Ca, Mg are required for growth, healing of wounds, vitality and healthy. They also provide basic structural support via bones and teeth and prevent them from being fragile; also they maintain the body’s pH and fluid balance, nervous activation, muscular contractions, also acts as catalyst for the enzymatic reaction and energy productions.

Everyone should ideally get all the minerals that they need from a balanced diet rich in minerals. Generally these minerals and vitamin are not produced in the human body and should be consumed from external sources such as green vegetables and fruits.

Health Benefits of HTMA

Benefits Of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Safe, comprehensive, scientific, non-invasive pathological test.
Reliable and authentic as data on more than 45 nutrient and toxic minerals, and over 35 important mineral ratios.
Valuable health information often not disclosed in standard hematological and urine tests.
Let us know of various mineral imbalances or harmful mineral excesses that may be detrimental to the health.
Patient and physician interpretive test reports that establish a connection to the current nutrients status, highlight areas of concern and suggest dietary changes and supplements for improved health.

Toxicity Sources

Imbalances in diet, mental stress and contact to heavy metals can all bring disorder in the optimal mineral balances that are required. Food, water, food containers, building materials (CCA treated wood, lead based paint), pesticides & insecticides and land that has been exposed to industrial pollution can all offer exposure to heavy metals, as well as high levels of nutritional elements can effect to well being.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis it not only helps in detecting the amount of dung in one’s body but also the chronic health disease due to the imbalances of Na/K in our body.

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