Examples Of The Different Types Of Civil Lawsuits By Daniel E. Dekoter

Civil lawsuits can be the consequence of unfair intervention, shattered agreements, or business relations gone erroneous. A civil suit can be filed due to several reasons and there are numerous ways in which they can be settled. Daniel E. Dekoter, the noted civil litigation attorney provides examples of the different types of civil lawsuits that one may encounter with:

  • Contract dispute: This may take place when one party involved in a contract does not defend their contractual responsibility to the other.
  • Car accidents: These are a type of civil lawsuit that follows a car accident to recover damages and losses.
  • Torts: These are law suits that include psychological damage or physical harm that has been done to a person. This can be either an unintentional or intentional act that includes defamation, negligence and accidents.
  • Property disputes or damages: These are litigation that aim to settle a dispute about damages to property.
  • Class action matters: In case many people are looking for damages from a company for any reasons, class action litigation can be filed and each member of the suit can be compensated with a settlement.
  • Complaints against a city: In case the citizens have a complaint about how the city handles any number of issues then they can bring a city to civil court.

Examples Of The Different Types Of Civil Lawsuits By Daniel E. Dekoter

With so many types of civil laws out there, it can be said that civil law suits are complicated and need the intense eye of an experienced attorney. If you have a case that may be considered for civil litigation, contact Daniel DeKoter today for a consultation. As an attorney he will be able to provide you with the answers you require and the illustration you ask for.

In order to start a civil suit, the complainant must file a complaint in federal or state court, declaring injury or loss caused due to the wrongful conduct of another party. After the complaint is filed, the perpetrator has a particular amount of time in which to reply, or the complainant may seek to get a default judgment. Once this is done, the parties usually engage in discovery during which they collect, assess and preserve proof.

According to the laws of the United States, the civil justice system needs open discovery in which both sides have equal notice of and admittance to all probable testament and proof. This is usually completed through depositions, where lawyers for both parties question witnesses under promise. The best part about this type of lawsuit is that a party can settle a civil suit at any time in the course of the process and even after a verdict has been given by the jury.

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