Fix 3 Common Laptop Emergencies

Laptops are maybe not that much essential to some people as smartphone. But it can still give mini heart attack to people as half of the professional work can only be done on computer that you cannot do on smartphone.

It is very common to see somebody freaking out or panicking when pc get freezed or stuck all of sudden. The huge amount of data, all games, movies, images, videos that you consisting on it can obviously make any person disturbed.

Fix 3 Common Laptop Emergencies

There are some very common issues which usually most of us can face or faced with laptop such as broken screen, virus, important file deletion etc. for all this you can’t immediately run to laptop broken screen repair shop Also brain goes dead at that time.

Here are quick fix to 5 common laptop emergencies that you need to remember next time in order to prevent any hassle :-

1. Broken Screen

Although, the laptop screen are designed to tolerate daily obstructions. It is thicker than your smartphone display. Smartphones are more vulnerable to breakage as compared to laptop but still it can get cracked if you supposed to be having bad day.

Don’t panic, make sure that all the other parts of computer are working fine. If you can see only screen damage then continue using laptop. If find anything weird then connect the laptop to some external screen through cables (hdmi, DVI, VGA etc). Some laptops also have option of external display that can be turned on through function keys.

If laptop is working fine on external screen then it means no other part of the laptop is damaged. The hairline screen breakage is not a big deal as it stays like that forever and you can use it without worrying about anything.

In case of major crack, get the laptop repair done from the shop as some laptops are delicate with any kind of damage.

2. Ran into Virus

There are numerous of ways through which virus can find its way to your computer. Either you visited the site which is not permissible or consist of virus, downloaded a file containing malware or trojan or anything which can harm your software internally. It is not your fault but still it is affecting the health of computer badly. Virus can cause loss of data, crash computer, hang, stuck etc.

Whenever got pc problem due to virus, restart the pc into safe mode. Hold down the power button and turn off the system completely then smash f8 key rapidly to get access into safe mode.

Once into safe mode, scan the malware and virus by using antivirus or antimalware of computer. Fix it as soon as your protection finds it. If you feel it can’t do the job install the new antivirus as the previous one made a mistake that is why you are in problem right?

3. Deleted an Important File

There are two kind of important files in computer “system files” and “personal photos or videos”. Both are essential to person and sudden deletion of it can make anyone depressed. In this situation, there are more chances of you to get panicked easily but before anything check file in your recycle bin or somewhere else in disk. Once you are sure that it is no more left in computer, move to further step. There are softwares available online which can get your file back even if it is not anymore left in recycle bin. If you have windows 7 then it can able to create backup of file automatically. In case of windows 8 you have to turn on the feature manually.

In most of the cases, you can get rid off the problem by resolving it yourself. A proper guidance and accurate knowledge about the issue can reduce half of the tension. If it seems issue is major then instead of getting your hands on it , take the laptop to repair shop to avoid any kind of further damage.

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