How Dairy Product Affect Your Health

Dairy products such as milk are good for the body because of variety of reasons one of which includes the fact that it contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the body. However, what many do not understand are the potential harmful effects too much of it has on the body, a subject that most medical professionals and nutritionists fail to address. Lactose intolerance people are a perfect example. Effects of dairy products on the body go beyond just short term effects such as stomach upsets to long term effects such as inflammations. The main reason as to why you should lower dairy products intake or avoid them altogether is because of excess protein which can be harmful to the body.

How Dairy Product Affect Your Health

Scope of dairy products

On the mention of the word ‘dairy’ many automatically think milk from dairy animals primarily cattle although other animals such as camels, goats and buffaloes can equally produce it. However, milk products cover a wide base and involve foods processed from this milk. Products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, and cream are all dairy products and contain high levels of protein. Crème Fraiche, cultured milk, powdered milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk also form the list.

Why to avoid them

1. It affects the skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body which means it also deserves proper treatment and care despite being an external organ meant to protect other body organs. A dull skin is a reflection of poor health & diet while a bright skin portrays the opposite image. This is because it takes over from the liver and the digestive system when dispelling internal wastes from them is a problem or if internal wastes have become too much in the body. Too much dairy products can cause clog in both the liver and digestive system as the protein processing becomes difficult to handle. In response, the skin takes over the excretion process but unfortunately develops redness, acne and splotchy spots.

2. It can lead to inflammation

It is common knowledge that drinking plenty of milk is good for the bones. Conversely, from a scientific perspective, milk (and its products) are highly acidic and also contains a lot of calcium mineral, an alkaline element which acts to neutralize its acidic attribute. Gradual deposition of calcium in the body is harmful because its gradual build up can lead to chronic conditions such as arthritis and other forms of inflammations. Arthritis affects the bones and joints and consuming too much milk products can lead to the condition getting worse than it already is.

3. Aging

With a poor skin structure, aging becomes an inevitable process. This means that the skin and body in general will age at a relatively faster rate than usual. Dairy products are very difficult to digest in the body. In addition to that, they have been attributed to being one of the causes of cancer. If you have to consume proteins, plant sources provide a better option. Plant proteins can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes. These sources also contain vitamins and minerals that nourish the body into a gradual aging process thus promoting longevity and a wonderful skin structure as well.

4. Risk of leading to cancer

Research has shown that dairy products is one of the leading contributors to cancer particularly breast, prostate, testicular and colon cancer. This is subject to how difficult it is to process and digest in the body. Another important factor to consider in consuming dairy products is the fact that their consumption cannot be quantified; it is not known how much of it is safe for the body and how much is excess. Like aging, plant-based protein intake goes a long way in preventing cancer development and other related complications.

5. Digestive track complications

Dairy products cause damage to the digestive system lining because of the way they are difficult to digest. This gradual disintegration of the gut lining can lead to a build-up of more chronic complications and issues overtime. In addition to that, the digestive problem such as bloating, constipation and diarrhea become more prevalent on constant consumption of milk and its products. Research has also shown that those with chronic conditions especially Crohn’s disease find heal faster and more naturally on eliminating dairy product consumption from their diet.


One of the common reasons as to why people choose to avoid dairy products is to prevent health related complications such as digestive problems, cancer risks, and chronic inflammations. This is primarily due to dairy products cannot be quantified with absolute accuracy. This is to say that their consumption is not bad if consumed on occasional basis but can be critical if done on a regular basis.

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