How Important Is High School Graduation?

Whenever a student gets frustrated either with his teachers or because of elusive assignments, such types of questions comes in his mind. At first, you may seem this question very awkward, but once in your life, you would have thought about it once. I also used to think about this in my school whenever I got either insulted by my teachers or bullied by the seniors. But thankfully I never take that thought seriously and did my high school graduation. However, I was lucky that I didn’t listen to my heart then because there was no one to tell me the importance of high school graduation. That is why I am writing this blog to educate the school students about the importance of high school graduation and why they should work hard to get admission in any quality high school.

How Important Is High School Graduation


Why do we get the education? To get a good job! There is nothing much to explain here. If you want to earn some solid cash, then you have to do high school graduation because without a degree no one is going to call you for the interview. WARNING! Do not get inspired from the very few people who are high school dropped out but making billions right now. There are thousands of stories of people who are high school dropped out and are in prisons or addicted to drugs.

Respect in the Society:

Want to earn respect in your society? It would need just a high school graduation degree. The high school education makes you humble and educated. It builds your character and makes you a better decision making person. The people with you always look towards your guidance whenever they caught in any problem. Its increases your stature in your people and make you the favorite of your surroundings.

Gives you the skills:

Do you also think that when in the life you are going to use all those materials that you are learning or had to learn in school even now learning in the high school? Then let me tell you a truth that you are not going to use theta, beta and gamma in your entire life. But what these materials are building in you is the skills and expertise. The high school makes you skillful in whatever field you choose and make you able to earn for yourself for the entire life. They not only teach you how to operate things but also how you can create the stuff. For example, I used to suck at writing in the school. But I decided to convert my weakness into my specialty and picked literature as my major in high school. Now I am a professional and well-reputed blogger in the digital world. This intensity of impact high school graduation can make into your life too.

Future Aspect:

There is one in a million chance that you can also become a billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates by not getting a high school education. That is why you have to make some backup plan to cope with the future situations. And the only way to make you future secure for you is to get a graduation degree from high school so you can find any job even in your late 50s.

High School is just a start:

If after all of the above points you think that Ok I should complete my high school graduation then I have another news for you. If you have come that far, one step further can do wonders for you. Do you know that 60% of all the vacant job in the United States prefer only those applicants who have higher education or training than high school graduation? This means that even if you failed to do high school graduation, it is nearly impossible for you to get any white collar job in the United States. Even if you find a job, you will not receive enough salary that can complete all your desires and can let you live a happy life. According to the US department of labor, if you do not have graduation degree from the high school, there are 40% chances that you will remain unemployed for your life. Moreover, you will not be eligible for the further unemployment programs like public assistance and Public health allowances.

Final Words:

High school graduation isn’t as hard as people believes. It is highly manageable, and nowadays with the help of numerous online education websites, it has become a piece of cake. All you have to do is to swallow all of your frustrations and anger that you will feel when you will be loaded with many assignments of both written and practical and just have to hang in there for not more than a couple of years if you get passed. You have to keep yourself motivated and just keep telling yourself that you are going to be glad that you took admission in the high school and stick to it. When you start getting the fruits of the high school graduation, you will remember my blog if you find it motivational enough to complete your high school graduation program.

Author Bio:

Black Robert is graduated from the University of Lancashire in the Literature and is doing teaching in the high schools with the blogging. He is also running his online education portal from which the students take help with assignment and other services.

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