How To Make A Safe Room Safer

Safety of you, your family, and friends is paramount. Natural calamities are quite uncertain and you never know when you could be victimized by a hurricane or tornado or even an earthquake. So, you should have a reinforced, secured and well-stocked area that could keep you safe during the emergencies. Arkansas is a tornado-prone valley. So, you should have your own Storm Shelter in Arkansas in order to safeguard yourself, your family, and friends from the disastrous natural calamities.

How To Make A Safe Room Safer

·Doors, Windows, and Locks- Doors and Windows are the direct passage through which someone or something can enter into your room. Upgrade the doors, door hardware, and windows made with materials that could withstand high wind pressure. Try to use metal doors which have an impact-resistant glazing. Try to avoid windows in the rooms, but there are windows, they should be small so that people can only crawl through. The windows should be made of Plexiglas to prevent shattering. Deadbolt locks are preferred, which are a lot faster and easier to lock. Your safe room should have a good ventilation system too.

· Raw Materials used for the Construction- Make sure that the raw materials used in the construction of the room should be capable of withstanding high wind pressure. Steel Sheathing on the inner walls is a great choice if you desire the wooden walled room. You can also install a two-layered plywood protection around the room. Kevlar is another strong fibreglass type material; these are quite light and are able to resist the heavy pressured winds easily.

·Location of the safe room- The safest place for a safe room is beneath the ground, an underground room would be the best suitable location if you are concerned about hurricane or tornado. A garage is also a great option for a safe room. Always prepare a safe room according to the expected number of persons that will be using it. Avoid using small storage spaces because that might be too small to accommodate the people trying to use it. Try not to use mechanical rooms for this purpose because they might be too risky to use.

·Additional Facilities- If your budget allows, you can install high-end security features to your safe room to make it safer. A CCTV surveillance system could help you monitor your house from the safe room during an emergency. You could also install a keypad security system, which could lock your safe room instantly in an event of invasion. You could also safeguard your valuables in this room. Your safe room should also be sufficiently stocked with food and water for the number of people it is going to accommodate.

Constructing a safe room is considered being conscious about situations and preparing yourself and your beloved ones for a variety of incidents that might occur in the near future. Safety of your family is foremost for you, so you should have a storm shelter in your Arkansas home to safeguard you and your family.

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