Legal Secretary Courses

A legal secretary is a person that is saddled with the responsibility of performing the daily clerical functions that are required for the efficient running of a legal office. They are also known as legal assistants, administrative assistants and executive assistants. For someone to perform very well in a legal environment he/she must undertake certain legal secretary courses that will inculcate in them the standard recommended practices that are obtainable in the legal environment.

The role of a legal secretary is very demanding and requires the combination of office administration skills and legal related courses to fit perfectly in to the legal environment where continuous communication and documentation will be required. In view of this, a legal secretary must be familiar with common legal documentation, legal processes and procedures as well as understanding the right legal terminologies that are used in a law firm. In addition to having a better understanding of clerical activities as well as elementary law procedures and processes, a law secretary must have an understanding of the structure and role of the court system of the country in which he/she works.

In order to be more productive, efficient and confident, it is important for legal secretary to undertake different legal secretary courses that will prepare novices and people without a legal background to work in good law firm and big corporate organizations. Some of the legal secretary courses are;

Certificate in legal secretary Training

This is one of the courses that can be taken by a legal secretary to be more efficient and effective in their jobs. This legal course certification is awarded by Brit academy for training. It assists legal secretary to understand the nitty-gritty of the day to day task involved in working in a legal environment. The course is ideal for people who are interested in law and want to develop an administrative skill in the legal profession. The course will inculcate in potential legal secretary the written, communication as well as good listening skills that are required to work in a busy work environment.

Legal Secretary – Business Law course

This course is awarded by CPD standard Institute and Souter. It combines both commercial, contract and corporate courses in a single module. This course is tailored towards offering a comprehensive and practical introduction into business contract, corporate and commercial law for non-lawyers. It will enable legal secretary to gain the necessary knowledge to recognize and deal confidently with the risk and confident of commercial contract and law. This course will provide a deep understanding of corporate law.

Civil Litigation

This is a legal secretary course that is awarded by CPD standard Institute and Souter. This course is designed for non-lawyer, legal secretary and other legal support staff wishing to have a detail understanding of civil law. A good knowledge of civil law is important for citizen or residents of UK. This will enable them to be aware of their rights and know how to defend them when they have been encroached on.

To be more productive, valuable, efficient and effective as a legal secretary, at least one of these courses should be undertaken. This will improve your career profile and confidence.

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