Legal Secretary Work In London

Many of the worlds legal systems have been developed from English common law so it is not surprising that there is plenty of work for legal professionals in the U.K, London is the hub of the U.K legal industry. The highest courts in the land are located in London, many test cases are being heard by judges sitting in these courts. Judges sitting in Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey are hearing high profile cases on a daily basis. Many of the worlds most wealthy individuals choose to litigate with each other and fight their cases in the courts of London. In 2016 The Guardian reported that the U.K legal sector was worth £26bn.

Since there is no shortage of work for them in the City many of the countries top legal professionals have based themselves in London, Temple and Holborn are two areas of the City in which you will not struggle to find a barristers chambers or a solicitors office. If you are located in London and have secretarial experience you may find that you can increase your job security and improve your prospects by becoming a legal secretary.

Legal Secretary Work In London

The Work Of A Legal Secretary

A legal secretary works in a law office and provides secretarial support to legal professionals. His or her tasks will be varied and usually involve the preparation of wills, contracts and court papers. A legal secretary may find themselves conducting research, reading previous cases and performing general secretarial duties like answering the phone, signing for documents, arranging couriers and managing office emails. The role is a pivotal and important one which carries with it many responsibilities. Excellent communication skills are of paramount importance to perform the role. As a legal secretary, you may find yourself faced with lеgаl terminologies and different litigation procedures so can be a really varied and interesting role.

Getting A Job

To get a job as a legal secretary you will probably not require a law degree, a diploma or good GCSE grades and training that is specific to the role will probably suffice but it will depend on the firm you want to work for. If you are interested in becoming a legal secretary you will find that there are many colleges that specialize in helping students become accredited legal secretaries and find legal secretary jobs.

Many colleges offer CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited training and you will find many courses are available online, many professional institutes offer online courses for students who are not able to commit to attending a college because of family or personal commitments. Distance learning can offer a flexible way to achieve the qualifications necessary to progress your career to the next level.

CPD accredited courses are highly prized by professional bodies including the Law Society. Many legal executives and legal secretaries can also gain CILEx accreditation. CILEx stands for Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, the organisation has been established for over 60 years and offers qualification routes and career pathways for those interested in becoming legal secretaries.

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