Make your customers happier in 3 easy steps

What do your customers really want from you?

Think about yourself as a consumer. When you go into a store or hire someone to handle a job for you, there are certain expectations that you have for the money that you are willing to spend on their services. You aren’t very likely to give someone more of your business if you don’t appreciate the service you received that last time you visited them, so why would you expect any different from your customers? Take a look at these three suggestions to improve your relationship with your customers.

Give them value for their money: 

If you go to a Dollar Store and put down your dollar on something, you probably aren’t confident that the dollar you just spent will give you much value, but that is what can happen in any business transaction if you aren’t actively making sure that you produce a quality service or product and ensure that your customers are aware of the value they are getting for each and every dollar that they spend with you. Take opportunities when you are interacting with customers to let them know they have made the right choice to trust you and your company.

Be a friend to your customers: 

Friendly words and smiles are all good and fine, but when you are working with your customers, you want to build a genuine relationship with them that will allow you to let them know that you care about their needs. Don’t just ask about what they are doing and what they need, but find out about what is going on with their lives so you can build a working friendship. This will allow them to see you as more than just a sales person that is after their money.

Let them know how much you value their business: 

When a customer spends money on your goods and services, then want to know that you appreciate them choosing to work with you. When you develop that understanding, then they are much more likely to come back to you again and again rather than going to your competitors that they don’t have a working relationship with. Don’t get too involved in their lives, but make sure that they know you are interested in what is going on .

Let’s get started making happier customers:

When you look at the interactions that you have with your customers, you should be aware of how your interactions with them can impact your current and future sales. If you are making an effort to be interested in the lives of your customers-getting to know them as people instead of as just a potential sale, then you will find a better return on your time as those customers see the value of working with you. When you have friends as your customers they will be happier when they work with you because they know you are interested in their lives and the things they are trying to accomplish.

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