Ram Chary – On Upgrading Skill Sets and Taking Decisions

At every step in life, one has to take decisions. These decisions could be effective for the lowest rung of a business hierarchy or might even benefit the employees of the top most management. But each decision would have long term effects on a business in a direct or indirect way. For instance, if the team leader does not just think or take decision for himself but for his entire team and occasionally comes up with ideas to help other teams too, then he becomes a big hit. His leadership skills, his managerial and decision-making skills are surely worth noting.

Ram Chary, the CEO of EVERI Holding Inc. has seen the ways in which a leader’s decisions work for a firm. In a small or big way, every decision matters. In these times of economic slowdown, when companies are giving out pink slips, it becomes scary deal for every employee in every firm. Everyone has to understand that he is not irreplaceable and that soon a time might come when the axe might fall on his position. For the same reason, employees shall rather focus on improving their skill sets and working on improving it by a great deal.

Ram Chary - On Upgrading Skill Sets and Taking Decisions

How will skill sets work in saving the job? If a company is really intent on axing the job, they would do it anyhow and at the same time, if a person has in the meanwhile picked up a skill, it will not be long before he gets another job. This is where skill sets and working on improving them would work a great deal.

Leadership, team building and team management, motivation and achieving of goals are all skills that one cannot learn from any school or college. It has to come on its own and it will be only with great nurturing that these skills will come to the surface.

Leading a small team of two or three people would certainly be easier than leading a vast team of forty or fifty members or probably even leading many teams. Managing teams and making decisions requires regular communication and patient interpersonal skills. It is not just enough to make people work or send an email just to get reports alone. It is also vital to learn about the team member’s birthdays and give them incentives with personal touch too. Only then will the team members consider themselves someone important in the firm too as Ram Chary believes. He has found that for a person to work well or even exceed expectations, he would have to get that importance and love from the firm.

In order to improve skill sets, one has to, also focus on all the programmes that a firm might employ in order to train its staff members. These kinds of chances are vital and all the employees aiming to reach high should make use of these chances instantaneously.

With such open-mindedness and improve one’s decision-making skills, it will not be difficult to fit in anywhere and become a valuable asset to the firm easily.

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