The Pros and Cons Of Metal Platform Beds

Platform beds are quickly making a comeback. Metal platform beds are growing in popularity with many opting for them due to the fact that they’re cheaper compared to their wooden counterparts. Metal beds are ideal especially if you are looking for the best platform beds under $500 as they are normally cheaper and also durable. However, it is important to note that these too come with a number of pros and cons which you should understand before investing your money in one. This article highlights some pros and cons of metal platform beds which you should know even before you make your purchase.

The Pros and Cons Of Metal Platform Beds

First, it is good to understand what platform beds are. Basically, these beds do not have springs but are raised in such a way that they have some space underneath which you can use for your storage needs. These beds are normally taller compared to average beds but they aren’t bunk beds. So, what are the pros?

Pros Of Metal Platform Beds

They Offer Storage Space Underneath

Just like the wooden platform beds, metal plat beds utilize more space horizontally and vertically which gives you more room to work with when you want to reduce the clutter in your bedroom. If storage space is a concern for you, then turning to these affordable metal beds will be a good idea especially if you find one with built in drawers. However, even those without drawers are also advantageous in that they also have adequate space where you can keep your items and declutter the bedroom.


Although some platform beds are a little bit costly, it will be possible for you to get the best platform beds under $500 constructed using metal. Despite the fact that some of these beds are inexpensive, the truth of the matter is that they also come in different styles and shapes which gives you something that perfectly matches your preferences. Whether you are looking for queen size, king-size, twin size or any other size, metal platform beds are available at affordable prices.

Cons Of Metal Platform Beds

Although these beds are stylish and also affordable, you will also find that they have their own disadvantages. One of the main cons is that they aren’t as stable as wooden platform beds and therefore might not offer sufficient support to you.  Additionally, the metal platform beds to not offer as much in terms of customization options compared to wooden beds. However, this does not completely mean that you will be short of options to pick from.

Metal platform beds are highly recommended especially if you are buying for children who have a tendency to jumping up and down on top when playing. This is informed by the fact that they metal frames are sturdy and capable of withstanding pressure. The beds do not need much in terms of maintenance and it is not possible for them to be attacked by insects or mould. You can get the best platform beds under $500 online and enjoy a variety of styles to choose from.

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