The Ultimate Destinations For Every Bike Rider

We all know people who love bikes to their deaths. All they need is an excuse to rev up their engines and go on a long journey with friends. The maxim of “Journey is the Destination” applies to these people better than anyone else in the world. Well, if you are one of these people who love to travel and go on long bike rides, we have the ultimate tourist destinations for you.


Shimla is one of the very few destinations in the world that is equally attractive to both romantic couples and adventurous youth. It is especially one of the best destinations in India for people who love to ride their bikes. The long curvy roads call out to every rider in the world to experience the fresh air of the mountains at high speeds. You will not face any speed limit or any speed bumps here. Instead, you can enjoy the elixir of pure riding experience on the beautiful roads amongst the magnificent Himalayas. Make sure that you check out some great places to stay and ride via online Shimla tour packages before you start your engines.

The Ultimate Destinations For Every Bike Rider


A trip to Goa is part of every college student’s bucket list. However, when it comes to students who love the smell of petrol as much as they love fun, the bucket list destination moves slightly towards the northern part of India. Ladakh is the ultimate destination for every biker. However, since it is quite far in the north, people usually go to Shimla and Chandigarh instead.

Nandi Hills – Bangalore

If you are looking for something closer to home to satisfy your hunger for a long bike ride, you must discover the Nandi Hills located only 30 km away from the heart of Bangalore. Since it is pretty close to the city, it is perfect for a weekend trip. The best time to leave for a ride in the Nandi Hills is early morning. The mist-laden air is not only refreshing but healthy. Nandi hills is also a great place to find fellow bike riders who will often be seen enjoying a hot cup of tea by the roadside.

Or explore the happy Bhutan

The route is complete with water crossings and slush, gravel tracks, cross narrow suspension bridges as well as straight stretches. The riders get to be a part of the panoramic sceneries of Phuntsholing, Paro (one of the most scenic spots on the route), Thimphu, Tsirang, Trongsa and, Tashigang, Samdrup Jongkhar. The ride promises to test the riders’ grit in the most challenging and adventurous terrains in the world.

So, these were the top 3 destinations in India where you can enjoy a bike ride without any restrictions. Make sure that you have all the necessary safety gear on before you go on your next riding adventure. Cheers!

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