The Use Of Modular Software Suites In Specialised Businesses

When your business is special, it means that all the employees will need a specifically dedicated system in order to ensure everything works as well as it should, in the terms of all levels of employees and the management. There are not too many companies who like to go out of their comfort zone and start devising specific software suites, but as the need is pretty high, there are still few software providers, who can offer the perfect suite for your businesses’ needs.

Let’s see what we mean under specialised businesses:

The Use Of Modular Software Suites In Specialised Businesses

All of the industries that are mentioned above, have very specific needs in a software suite in order to totally suit their needs. The reasons are several but let’s try to enlist a few of the key ones:

  • Having a high number of staff to coordinate: this means that the system would need to know which employee works where, do statistics, enlist the jobs which were performed and which are to be performed and most of all, to have an impeccable internal communication service to make sure that;
  • All information gets to its recipients in a timely manner
  • Makes it possible to guard, coordinate and navigate a large number of workforce all at the same time
  • Everyone is informed on all happenings
  • To provide 100% coordination which is essential, especially when it comes to movements and works which need extra high care ( e.g: installation, placement, transportation of extra large or extra heavy parts, the arrival and enbarking of ships, coordinating a whole harbour ensuring no ship would get in the way of the other)
  • Employees of all sorts can get their respective right related access in the system
  • Personalised implemented alerts
  • Speedy information transition, transmission and information syncing
  • An ability to handle the connection and usage on over 100 computers
  • A great deal of tracking that needs to be done: whether its about the tracking of  the work progress in a mine, at a construction site, or in a bay, you will need a greatly designed system which can keep track of all, seperating the tasks which were performed from those which are to be performed.
  • Extensively improved listings, logistics, inventory and task management system

When it comes to managing larger companies, it’s extremely important to see a clear picture of what they have stored?, what they need to order ? or what they need to ship somewhere else? Adherence to employee health and safety regulations – this is the segment of  a software pack that makes sure all activities in other segments always adhere to the latest health and safety regulations. Also being aware of all the implemented work steps, segments and areas. Having an extreme size of database, in order to be capable of storing all information.

These software programmes are specifically designed, to handle specific tasks, therefore they are extremely useful for companies which deal with very specific fields of businesses.

Lenny Madden

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