Tips To Prep Kids For A Move

The idea of moving is a scary one for most kids. The thought of giving up all of their friends and everything that is familiar to them is tough. The best way to help prep your kids for a move is to make them an active part of the process from the very beginning. Here are a few tips brought to you by the moving professional at Attention 2 Detail Moving Company to help you get them ready for the move.

Tips To Prep Kids For A Move

Let Them Tour The Residences

When you are looking at new homes or apartments, making your kids an active part of the process helps get them excited. Giving them the ability to have an opinion on what is going on will help make it a more accepting experience overall. Most kids get very excited when they see what their potential new rooms will look like.

Tour The Neighborhood

When you are looking around the area, make sure the kids go along. Let them scout out things that are important to them. Just like it is important for you to know where the drugstores, grocery stores, shopping centers and hospitals are, they need to know where the schools, parks and entertainment venues are.

Let Them Help Pack

If you are going to be using a Simi Valley moving company, like Attention 2 Detail, make sure you give your child the opportunity to help pack. Explain how they should pack the boxes and how to properly label them. If you are going to be using a moving storage unit, give them a box or two of “must haves” to put in the unit. This way they are not stuck sitting around the new house bored while people are moving boxes and equipment into the house.

Moving can take a toll on kids, but as long as you make them a part of the experience and find ways to generate excitement about all of the positive aspects of the move, they will be bouncing around, counting down the days until you move.

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