Tools That Every Small Business Owner Should Have

These are the days when even a person who only earns $10k annually is looking to star the business because of the potential in the market. That is a why the term startup gets that much popularity among the young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Every day thousands of startups launched in the world, but very few survive till the next day. Out of that very few, the fraction part of that few get the investment and carry on the next stages of business. Passing from every stage, these entrepreneurs realize that for developing business, the money is not the only thing which you need. There are more things than the capital like the business tools that can make all the hurdles of establishing business easier for you.

If you also a young entrepreneur and in the process of establishing your startup or any small business, then you have just found a treasure of incredible business tools which will make your life easy as the small business owner. In the next lines of this article, I am going to list down some of the best business tools that every small business owner should know, have and include in his daily work routine.

Tools That Every Small Business Owner Should Have

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a bit technical, but you should have it on your laptop. Every business now needs its digital presence and a website to increase its reach and the pool of the clients or customers. By having a website doesn’t mean you only need to change the content or to add and removing your product from the website. You also need to keep a keen eye on the quantity of visitors on your website and about their behaviors, geography and the interest. All these things are very technical, and people related to the marketing can understand. However, you can also hire someone to market your website on the internet which is called search engine optimization, and he will keep you aware about all the analytics of your website through Google Analytics.


You may be a new in business, or your business may not be big enough to think about the things like the climate and the global warming. However, if you get these things with some other perks too, then you should not take a second thought and get jump onto it. EchoSign is a tool which will help you in cleaning all your cabinets from the loose documents. All you have to do is to simply upload your documents onto the EchoSign server and send it to other concerned party. EchoSign has this ability to put your signature on any document. All you have to do is to enter your words initials and other details in its server once and then to print or scan anything next time. This is not only good for the environment and climate but also a very time-saving technology that every small business owner should have in his office.


You would know what Dropbox does. You must have used in your college or head about it from your kids or friends. The Dropbox is one of the biggest and famous cloud based storage service providing a tool which nowadays almost every big or small company is using to make their work smooth. The Dropbox is paid and free till the data of 2GB. After the 2GB you have to pay for its membership which is not expensive considering the services it is providing to the companies. There are other cloud storage tools too, but the Dropbox offers the easiest method of sharing things directly from its server that is why it is favorite for every small or big business.


Being a small business owner, you cannot afford an entire team in your office and to pay them monthly or weekly. However, you need some people who can do different work for you which you cannot afford to delay. To save yourself from this, you should go for freelancing and the per-project contractor. Odesk is a tool which allows you to interact and communicate with a large number of skilled people who can do almost any kind of work at very affordable prices. The profiles of the people in the Odesk provide previous work experiences, sample portfolios and client reviews about the candidates their so you can have an idea about the ability, skill and work ethics of the guy you are going to hire.


The only thing which can convert your business from small to the big one is the marketing. The marketing has the power of changing the fate of the business over night. However, marketing is something which needs capital to spread your word out in the market. Though there are some tools too which can help you to some extent in marketing. MailChimp is one of the best in them. MailChimp is a tool which helps you to easily create emails or newsletters and distribute it among hundreds of people at a time. Just start your marketing with the MailChimp, and you will see the result of it.

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