Top Things To Consider Before Buying 4mp IP Security Camera

As far as you are concerned about the security of your property and precious belongings you can definitely depend on 4mp IP security camera which is Smartphone connected. They are cheap and up to date solution you can have.  You can have those small security cameras which can work during day and night and can be connected easily to a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, you can easily connect it to a PC or Smartphone when you are not around.

Top Things To Consider Before Buying 4mp IP Security Camera

Additionally, you can have the Wi-Fi security cameras connected directly to cloud which can help you to view the previous recordings anytime from anywhere.

With time cameras are getting smarter and compact. They offer amazing resolution for the area under surveillance. Here in this post we will see some features and specs that you need to consider when buying security camera.

IP Security Camera Quality

Now this is the priority thing you want to consider when buying a brand new 4mp IP security camera for surveillance. You would be wanting to have security camera which comes with the best recording power and can ensure that every detail is captured. For this you need high quality cameras which can capture everything and can help to identify the burglar in case of a theft. Today most of the cameras come with HD recording which makes it perfect to buy one.

Recording Angle

The main idea behind using security camera is to secure most of the surveillance area with single camera. A good camera will ensure there is no loo hole left for burglar. In case the camera has a blind spot then the burglar will be able to use it without getting noticed. The cameras from come with the feature which allows 360 degree viewing and better cover.

Camera Type

You will find security cameras which can be used for indoor as well as outdoor surveillance purpose. The cameras for outdoor purpose are weatherproof and are strong compared to the ones used inside the property. This is important as the cameras for the outdoor purpose needs to deal with rain, wind, sunshine, etc.

Apart from this the camera can also have the feature of live streaming, night vision, motion detection, face detection, auto zooming and audio recording. So you should be clear about your requirements first and choose the camera wisely.

Security Recording

It is important to store the recording of the camera at a safe place so that it can be used in the future. The best thing is that the security camera provides more than one storage option. The recordings of the camera can be stored in an external storage or SD card which can be inserted into the camera. You can then have them stored on the cloud so that you can access it any time you want.


The most advanced ones available now are Wi-Fi cameras and you don’t need wired to have them installed. You can easily connect them to your PC or a Smartphone easily. You can then watch the recordings on the apps. Getting live streaming of the recording is also possible these days. You can easily store the data so that they can be used in the future when needed.

Power Supply of the Camera

Based on the power supply, security cameras are classified into wired cameras and ones with inbuilt batteries. In case of the battery option, it is rechargeable and it can last for several hours; some even work for several days.

In case you are choosing wired cameras you will have to keep them at places with less attention while for the battery powered ones you will be saved from the duty as they stay discreet. Again with the battery ones you will still have the recordings even if the power goes down.

Installing IP security camera with 4mp resolution can be a good idea. Still you need to keep these points in mind to ensure you have a good deal.

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