Under Sink Water Filtration System

If you’re concerned about any chemical impurities, hard minerals, unwanted sediments, and bacteria in your water, then you may want to invest in a home water filtration system. These systems are great for improving the integrity of your water. They can help provide you and your family with clean and safe water for all your daily activities. One of the main type of home water filtration systems as an under the sink system. Under sink water filtration systems use a combination of activated carbon, catalytic carbon, sub-micron mechanical filtration, and ion exchange. There are many types of under sink water filtration systems that range from single stage filters sytems to 8 stage water filtration systems. Keep reading to learn more about how this system works and how it can benefit you.

Activated Carbon

The activated carbon prevents any organic chemicals, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or other by-products, from entering your water. The activated carbon also helps eliminate any odors while improving the overall taste of your water.

Catalytic Carbon

The catalytic carbon mechanism prevents any chloramine particles from entering your water. Chloramine particles are an unsafe byproduct from chemical treatments used in municipal water sources, such as ammonia and chlorine. The byproducts of these chemicals used to treat water can affect the overall quality of the water supply to your home. Catalytic Carbon filters are great for removing iron, magnesium and sulfer from your water. There are many different types of carbon filters so it’s important to know how each differ before you buy one.

Ion Exchange

The ion exchange is important because it removes any heavy metals from your water, such as lead or mercury. Metal ions have as strong chemical charge, in which this electrical devices uses advanced technology to remove metal ions and other harsh impurities. There are two different types of ion exchange methods, softening and deionization. It works great for removing calcium and magnesium which causes hardness.

Sub-Micron Mechanical Filtration

The sub-micron mechanical filtration helps reduce any asbestos or unwanted particles from your water that make it look murky and cloudy. Sub micron mechanical filters can be used for both filtering air and water in which in both cases they remove harmful airborne particles that are under one micron in size. This is especially important because most filters miss these particles due to their size.

Why Choose an Under Sink Water Filtration System?

Although your tap water is safe to drink and has already been treated municipally, under sink filtration systems give can provide you and your family with cleaner, safer, and healthier water. Although these systems can be pricey, many homeowners feel they are worth the investment in the end. If you are serious about purchasing an under sink filtration system there are many options to choose from and they range in prices as well. If you have any doubt that your sink’s water may be contaminated or simply want security knowing your water is always filtered then purchasing a water filter can be a great investment.

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