Ways To Stay Cool Without Using So Much AC

Summer is the time of year for grilling, enjoying the water, and spending time with the family in the great outdoors. However, summer is also the time of year where we try to find ways to beat the heat. While AC is a quick way to cool down a hot and stuffy room, it is not a cost effective option and leaves us with higher than normal electric bills at the end of the month.

In this post, we are going to discuss some alternative options for keeping cool without having to rely on so much AC usage and helping to keep utility bills a little more manageable. So, let’s get started.

Old-School Cool

This method used to be popular before air conditioning became as mainstream as it is today. Fill a shallow pan with ice and place it in front of a fan. Once the ice starts to melt, the moisture will be taken by the air from the fan and will cause the breeze to be cooler.

Sleep Alone

For those with significant others that we are used to sleeping with, this one may be a bit of a challenge. Spooning at night increases body heat and makes for a sweaty and sticky experience. Sleeping separated, or even alone can help to make bedtime cooler and more comfortable.

Make it Dark

As most people know, light bulbs, even CFLs types, produce heat. By keeping the lights off longer, there is less heat build up caused by the bulbs. This beneficial on a couple of levels. Not only does it keep the interior temperature of your home cooler, it also saves even more on your electric bill.

Hone Your Grilling Skills

For those of us that love grilling, this tip is especially nice. Our stoves and ovens produce a large amount of heat that tends to linger for an extended period of time within our homes. Using the grill as much as possible prevents this additional heat and keeps the inside of our homes cooler.

Home Camping

If you have a safe space outside of your home, take the family camping in your own yard. Not only does this save you from having to use the AC at night, it is also a great way to spend time with the family.

Take a Shower

Part of the reason for being hot during the warmer months is caused by the core temperature of our bodies. Taking a cool or tepid shower can help to slightly lower the temperature while helping us feel cleaner at the same time.

Hit the Sheets

One method you can use to cool down a room is to use a sheet. Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window will cool the breeze as it blows in. This method will cool a room fairly quickly without needing any AC.

There you have it. With these easy and simple tips, you can beat the heat without having to rely on your AC as much. Hope this provided you with some helpful information. We hope you have a safe, cool, and efficient summer season.

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