What to See in Auckland

If New Zealand is on your list of places to see, you are right on track. The country is well-known for having many things to do and things to see. One of the best places to go in a campervan hire in New Zealand is Auckland and the perfect time to visit is in May. From the weather to the people and views, Auckland offers visitors a rewarding experience.

What to See in Auckland

Following are the top reasons why you should visit Auckland in May:

  • The weather is ideal. May in New Zealand is the end of fall, right before winter arrives, which means that the weather is fresh and crisp, helping you to avoid the warm summer months, but enjoy Auckland before winter has arrived in its full glory.

  • You will avoid the crowds. New Zealand is a popular destination during the summer months and Auckland is high on the list of places to visit for many tourists. May is ideal because you can be sure to avoid the crowds that ascend on Auckland during summer time.

  • Visit the Auckland Harbour Bridge. You will have amazing views of the city when you visit the Auckland Harbour Bridge and if you are up for some adventure, there are tours that offer bridge climbs-how about letting your inner child out?

  • Go cycling. If you like biking, you will have to see the many bike parks found in Auckland. One of the best ones around is the Woodhill Mountain Bike Park which runs through a forest and is a fantastic place to let go and have fun.

  • Visit Waiheke Island. Park your campervan and take a fairy to Waiheke island, where you can experience the beauty and charm that it is known for. Whether you go hiking, spend the night at a charming hotel with ocean views, or sip on wine at a classy restaurant, it’s the ideal place to go to unwind and pamper yourself.

  • Mt. Eden. A visit to Auckland is not complete without seeing Mt. Eden, a volcano with a captivating view of the city and an interesting experience that you won’t want to miss out on. From observing the crater to watching the sun set over the city, Mt. Eden is one of the most favorite places to see for many a tourist to Auckland.

  • Sky Tower. Speaking of views, if you like heights and amazing pictures, you will have to see the Sky Tower in May. The tower which stands at 328 meters is the perfect setting for pictures, an exciting experience, and if you want to get romantic, it’s the ideal place for a proposal-as long as your honey isn’t afraid of heights. While you are up there, you can visit the Sky Lounge cafe and bar or simply observe the city from the deck.

  • Visit Mission Bay. While you are in Auckland in May, it may be too cool for swimming, but a visit to the beach will still be rewarding. Go on a walk with your honey, go horseback riding, or simply enjoy the sound of the water and beautiful views.

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