When Do Kids Learn Colors?

Teaching toddlers or kids is a tiring process and when it comes to teaching them colors, it can become little frustrating. Parents need to understand that it is going to be a difficult task and show patience to their tots. Child learns to differentiate and recognize hues and shades by 18 months. At the same time child also learns to notice the similarities and differences between textures, size, shapes etc. Although they can relate to differences, they need more time to understand the color details fully. Once they are 36 months old, they are able to name the color as well.

When Do Kids Learn Colors?

Meanwhile, children love to observe picture books showing different shapes and objects. Parents can encourage their child to learn hues and shades by matching them in similar blocks. This way they will learn to concentrate on one color and differentiate it from other. Another way to add fun is by teaching them about pointing the color. This will broaden their imagination and they can play in real life scenarios. For e.g.: Ask them if they can see any red flower or any green tree etc. and let them point to the object.

Toddlers often take their own speed and time to learn things, so it should not be upsetting or concerning. Another method to make them aware of different hues and shades is their surroundings. Decorating rooms in bright shades and adding bright toys in the room will help the kid learn colorfast. While eating, the colors of the fruits can be discussed like red apple, green grapes and likewise. They should be given chance to name the colors while they eat. They should be given picture books to identify other color schemes.

Kids learn color from an early stage and in their own way. Babies learn through surroundings and observation. Toddlers learn through walks or mealtime because now their brains are developing and helping them to learn better. Pre-schooler scan easily point out different colors; they should now be taught how to name them. Kids at kindergarten are still in their learning stage and here they should not be stopped. There are many books and games available, which helps to improve the learning process by understanding about sizes and shapes.

Learning colors is an abstract concept and takes times and patience. The entire process can be interesting or boring based upon parent’s teaching skills. One has to understand that though a kid starts learning by 18 months, in reality being able to correctly identify is learned by the age of 3 years. While teaching them, if parents suspect any sort of problem then they should consult a child specialist or take tests to detect color blindness. Parents can also switch to digital world, by downloading some fun apps and games where children can learn from their favorite characters.

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