Why It Is Essential To Maintain Furnace and Tips Of Maintaining It

Is it necessary to maintain your furnace? Your furnace is a complex equipment. When it is not maintained regularly, the efficiency is affected. This will result in improper heating and increased expenditure. The easiest way to maintain your furnace is to have an annual maintenance contract with a professional service like Vancouver furnace repair. The heating furnace at your home is the highest power guzzler and is the largest energy expense in your home.

Do not wait for a problem to arise in your furnace. By then the furnace is already damaged and it starts giving the problem. By trying to save on the maintenance cost you end up spending more. Hence, regular maintenance and upkeep of your furnace is the best solution.

If you follow the tips below for maintaining your furnace, your furnace will run trouble free and keep your home warm at a lesser overall cost. The following Do-it-yourself tasks are to be carried out by you regularly and call in the professional for the more complicated repairs.

Why It Is Essential To Maintain Furnace and Tips Of Maintaining It

Checks to be done by you.

•Examine the furnace and connected pipeline externally for deterioration. This could be water stains, corrosion, and damage to insulation or leakage. This examination is to be done periodically.

•If you are using forced-air systems, frequent cleaning of filters is essential. If not done, the air quality in your home deteriorates.

•The surroundings of the furnace have to be kept clean and open. Rags, paint, lint, drain cleaning chemicals and other such materials must not be kept near your furnace as these are inflammable and can create a lot of damage.

•The outlets for warm-air as well as cold -air must never be covered by carpets or blocked by rubble or junk.

•The air supply for the heating system should not be blocked in any way. Care should be taken if any renovation work is being undertaken.

Checks and repairs to be done by the Professional

General glitches could be:

•Due to the normal thermal expansion and contraction of the ducts when the furnace is used, the ductwork might get loosened and the same has to be rectified.

•The periodical lubrication for the bearings of the blower.

•Servicing of blower fan blades and Ac condensing coil.

Some problems that occur due to normal wear and tear like.

•The blower belt becomes loose. It has to be tightened or replaced if damaged.

•The burner firing is not functioning properly. The burner has to be serviced.

•Condensate drain gets blocked. It needs to be cleaned.

•Minor coolant leakages from the A/c system.

Filter cleaning and replacement

The filter system in the furnace is provided with the primary aim of keeping your home clean and prevent dust from entering it. It is essential to clean these filters regularly depending on your usage and replace them if they are clogged and cannot be cleaned. The filter is not expensive but keeps your furnace functioning efficiently.


By regularly doing the inspection and following the preventive maintenance program, your furnace can be kept running optimally. You can enter into an annual maintenance contract with professionals who are into manufacturing and servicing of furnace Vancouver.

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