Your Complete Guide To Advertising On Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media and has over two billion members. These people are intensely involved with content that is being posted on Facebook. Something is liked by more than 800 million people every day. Many times having too large an audience can be counterproductive. Many people may view your ads with no interest in the products or services offered by you. Facebook advertising is used judiciously by Social Media Companies.

Facebook provides multiple tiers of targeting. This enables you to focus your advertising to the right people who are interested in your business. Thus maximum return on ROI is assured. 95.8% of social media marketers recommend Facebook as it gives you the best ROI among all social media platforms.

Your Complete Guide To Advertising On Facebook

Categories of Facebook ads

Ten different objectives are catered by Facebook based on what you expect from your ads. You can choose the various ad formats offered to suit your needs. The different formats are:

•App installs: Promote installations of apps. The app install ads will appear on mobiles and websites only

•Brand awareness: Use it to introduce your brand to the audience

•Conversions: This is a call to action to your audience. It could be subscribing to your list or purchasing your product

•Engagement: To increase the number of likes, comments, and sharing of your post or page. It can be used to promote an event too

•Lead generation: To increase your prospects by getting them to subscribe to your list

•Reach: Primarily aimed to reach as wide an audience as possible

•Product catalog sales: you can connect your Facebook ads to your product catalog showing product ads and information, creating a desire to buy your products

•Store visits: get people to visit your offline store

•Traffic: Increase the number of visitors to your web page

•Video views: Present your video to a large number of people to create brand awareness

Formats of Facebook ads

We have understood the various objectives of Facebook ads. Let us now see the available formats for advertising. Social Media Companies can effectively design it for you

•You must keep your text content to less than 20% in photo ads. The lesser the text the better it is. Facebook prefers to keep the text content to minimum.

•Video ads: Video ads can generate huge engagement when they are done right. The videos must be interesting, short and informative.

•Slideshow ads: Here a video is created from still images up to 10 in number. These ads have much higher returns and higher click- through rate.

•Carousel ads: This format allows up to 10 images or videos that you can showcase. You can either highlight different products or highlight specific features of one product.

•Collection ads: This format is targeted exclusively at the mobile audience. You can showcase multiple products or features of one product.

•Canvas ads: This format is immersive and full page consisting of text, up to 20 images and video.

•Lead ads: This consists of pre filled lead form which connects people to your business easily.

Facebook ads offer a variety of formats and objectives to suit the needs of every business. By using Facebook advertising to the optimum you can take your business to great heights. Consult a specialized Social Media Company to create, test and monitor your ads for improvement in your business.

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