10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Hall

When it comes to weddings and receptions, there are a number of sensitive things to focus on. But one of the most important thing to focus on is the decorations of the party hall. Some of the best tricks and ways to decorate the party hall are described in the below section of the blog.

10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Hall

Use patterned Pillows

Most of the reception halls in Lafayette La generally have a lounge space which is ideal for putting up some couches. Adding on some patterned pillows on to the sofas and the couches are extremely essential.

Drape Your ceilings

Ceilings are generally left without much of decorations when it comes to receptions. You can make even the dullest ceilings look more interesting by draping them with decorative type of curtains.

Create escort card display

It is quite often to spot a escort card table in most the receptions, making use of escort card display or bulletin is surely a very interesting option. You can create a bulletin board having all the important information including the seating plan etc.

Hang your flowers

A lot of people believe that flowers are to be decorated and kept on the table only, while they can be put to use by hanging on the ceilings and this will give a vintage look to your entire reception hall.

Make chalkboard signage

Be it cafes or party events, chalkboards work everywhere for decorating the entrances. You can use an old frame and adjust some chalkboard into it and decorate it using your own creativity.

Make use of table lamps

Table lamps and especially the antique ones elicit a classy appearance to the entire area, Try going for the lamps that are a bit shady to adjust the lighting in the area.

Put those herbs to use

When we talk about herbs, it is not always meant for eating purposes. You can use a bit of the herbs for decorating both your food plate and the table where the food plate is kept is used for the purposes of decorating the area.

Rent some colored glassware

Glasswares look absolutely classy when they are tinted with some colour. A lot of people spend the entire budget on the centerpiece which aren’t put to much use. You can definitely go for some tinted glasswares in the same budget.

Replace normal menus with Calligraphed menus

When it comes to receptions, they are always personalized and attractive. Replacing your normally printed menus with the ones that are calligraphed is undoubtedly one of the best options.

Use a table runner that pops

Runners are the best when it comes to events like receptions, as they require long tables and therefore, long runners are also required. A lot of interesting designs can be found online as well as in the market.

These are few of the best tips to decorate your reception halls in Lafayette La. There are a lot of things that can be done and all of that depends entirely on the creativity of the person involved in the same. The more th creativiyt the better your reception hall can look.

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