10 Must Try Italian Food Items That Aren’t Pizza

Italian restaurants and cuisine are one of the most preferred of all cuisines throughout the world. It is the flavor of Italian spices that draw people from all over the world to the country and if not a country then surely restaurants that serve authentic Italian food items. Despite the recognition in the international market, there are people that known Italy just for the pizzas and pasta. If you fall into the category of such people for whom Italian food cuisine starts and end upon Pizza then this blog is absolutely for you. Mentioned in the next section are top 10 food items from Italy that are sure to blow your mind away with the taste.

10 Must Try Italian Food Items That Aren’t Pizza


This absolutely lip-smacking Italian food item is sure to make you wish for more and more. Although, it is a sort of Pasta but is cooked in a bit different way and is presented too in a different way. This dumpling like Italian dish is a must try whenever you visit an Italian restaurant.


To be specific, Bottarga isn’t a real dish, it instead is an ingredient which is used to make a number of dishes absolutely amazing. It is a cured mullet roe which is fairly salted to give a salty taste all throughout. A simple yet tasty dish can be made by applying this bottarga in the raw form over a slice of bread.


This dish was invented for the first time in Tuscany but is now a widespread practice throughout Italy. It is a super tasty dish made out of the leftovers, mainly, bread which is then mixed up with the eggs and milk. The leftovers are used to make a golf ball kind of dumpling which is then cooked in melted butter and chicken broth along with raw or smoked ham.

Risi E Bisi

This is a basic kind of an Italian food item but is yet absolutely amazing to taste. It is prepared with rice and peas which are then cooked and saute in the authentic Italian spices and herbs.


There isn’t much of a hint about the sweet dishes that are prepared in the Italian regions. So, here this one is a candy-like a dessert which is creamy, nougat like, a bit sticky and is prepared along with toasted nuts, egg whites, honey and a lot of citrus zest. The tangy flavour that it elicits is the best feature of this dish.

Osso Buco Alla Milanese

As spectacular as it seems from the name, this meat dish is a must try if you are a fan of non-vegetarian food. This is a chicken dish; chicken parmigiana to be specific. The best way to eat it is by scooping out the juicy and buttery marrow from within the veins.

More than anything else, Italy is known for its food and especially the pizzas. But, Italian cuisine is not limited to just the pizzas but a lot more. A glimpse of the same is given in the section of the blog above.

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