3 common things a heart patient should adhere to

Heart disease has been known to be called the silent killer. There are many risk factors that can cause heart disease but heart disease can also be hereditary. In the United States, heart disease is the number one cause of death among men and women. Some risk factors can not be changed no matter how much the person would like to. Those are age and hereditary genes, but a person can reduce the hereditary risk by choosing healthier lifestyles and getting educated about heart disease.

Quit The Bad Habits

Cardiologist in Dubai have a few things that they tell their loved ones and the ones closest to them. Of course, the first thing is to lay down the smokes. In this day and age smoking is still a major risk factor for heart disease. Another risk factor is cholesterol, always know your levels. They recommend having your cholesterol checked yearly. Smoking has a direct effect on your cholesterol, it raises the LDL levels or bad cholesterol. Smoking also decreases the oxygen in the bloodstream making the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body. A person with heart disease should always manage their weight effectively also. A body that is overweight causes the heart to have to pump harder to circulate the blood to all body systems.

Get Active

Physical Activity is another recommendations cardiologist in Dubai are recommending. They recommend thirty minutes to one hour each day. This can be gradually increased as the body gets fit. A person can take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a walk, walk up the escalator, anything to get a nice pace going. Be sure to pick an exercise you enjoy so that you will stick to your exercise routine. Aquatic exercises are recommended for individuals with bad knees. A physical exercise class such as Zumba has been effective for patients with heart disease. For it serves as a social engagement that can relieve stress and provides physical exercise. A person that attends an exercise class is more apt to adhere to the activity.

Ditch The Stress

Stress is a big factor to avoid. Stress elevates blood pressure, high blood pressure causes heart disease. Cardiologist in Dubai has found that effectively managing your stress levels can decrease your blood pressure. When the blood pressure is within normal limits there is less pressure on the heart muscle. This allows the heart to pump under normal pressure causing less wear on the valves of the heart. When the heart has to pump under increased pressure for extended periods of time the heart wall becomes weak. These are the three common factors that heart patients should always adhere to. A visit with your primary care doctor regularly and a visit with a cardiologist once a year is recommended.

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