3 types of Window Glass you can install at your House

Owing to technological advancements, glass windows are multi-functional today. Contrary to the conventional glass doors and windows, they are a more durable and much safer alternative. Also, an array of options is available while choosing the glass type. However, deciding the right glass type for your house requires basic knowledge of the various window glass types. This helps to create a more suitable environment for the indoors and elevates the kerb appeal. This is why AIS Windows has brought down a list of different glass types that you may install at your house:-

Energy Efficient Glass

The energy efficient glasses are new-generation glasses that are specifically designed for modern homes. They are also known as insulation glasses as they do not allow heat to pass. They are manufactured by comprising two glass panes that are either separated by vacuum or inert gases such as argon. This unique design makes them a good insulator of heat and keeps the indoors unaffected from the outdoor temperature changes. When the indoors experience a soothing temperature, the need for electrical appliances like air conditioner or heaters reduces and hence, saves more energy. Also, reduced usage of air conditioners or heaters reduces utility bills. Install them with uPVC window frames to make them more effective.

At AIS Windows, 3 types of energy efficient glasses are available:

AIS Ecosense Glass – This glass type keeps the indoors cooler by absorbing and reflecting heat. It helps to reduce the usage of electric appliances and saves electricity bills. There are further three more categories for this glass type:

         Enhance (Solar Control)

         Exceed (Solar Control with Low-E)

         Essence (Low-E)

AIS Opal – With high durability, AIS Opal is available in various colours, shapes sizes, and thickness, that meet all your designing needs. They are manufactured using cutting-edge CVD technology that makes them long-lasting and a perfect choice for window glass.

AIS SunShield – Keep yourself safe from UV radiations of the sun with AIS SunShield glasses. They are coated with a protective layer that reduces glare, making your house energy efficient.

Security glass

Glass windows and doors are fragile and they cannot prevent burglars from breaking in. Well, not anymore! Security glasses are specially designed glasses that are known for their high durability. These are either tempered glasses that can sustain heavy impacts or laminated glasses that consist of a PVB layer and do not shatter. They offer high-level of protection and ensures your safety.

AIS Windows offers 2 types of security glass:

AIS Securityglas – It is a highly durable glass equipped with a PVB interlayer. The unique mechanism prevents it from shattering and does not allow burglars to break in.

AIS Securityplus – Five times stronger than traditional laminated glasses, it is a highly durable security glass with enhanced strength. This glass type does not get damaged easily and can be used for a very long time.  

Safety Glass

Safety glasses are toughened glasses that secure your house from outside threats. However, there is a limit to which glasses can withstand force and will break beyond that. That is why safety glasses are manufactured with a PVB interlayer that prevents them from shattering into large shards of glass and injure someone.

AIS Windows offers two types of safety glass:

AIS Stronglas – Much stronger compared to any ordinary glass, it is a highly durable tempered glass. Considered as a very safe option for doors and windows, it shatters into minute granules that cannot injure anyone.

AIS Valuglas – It is a highly-secured laminated glass that is preferred for its aesthetic appeal and high durability. Also, it is distortion free and has greater stability.    

The three types of glasses mentioned-above are quintessential for home installations. They are equipped with various benefits like high durability and energy efficiency that make them a much-preferred choice. With AIS Windows, choose the perfect window glass for your house. 

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