Have you been thinking to buy antique rugs? How about enriching your knowledge on kilims and buy antique kilim rugs online? If you appreciate antiques, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog. Kilim rugs are a piece of beauty with their vibrant colors and attractive patterns. However, buying kilim rugs, antique or new, can be a tricky job especially if you don’t know much about them.


So here are a few things you need to know before you buy kilim rugs.

1. Origin

Kilim originated from Turkey with no clear timeline of its origin and spread. However, a clear account of its presence is believed to be given by Marco Polo in the 13th century. They were and still used as prayer rugs and exchanged as gifts in festivities especially offered as a part of dowry for the bride’s new home. However, there are few who believe kilim rugs have been around for much longer and claim their presence going as back to 7000 B.C. but there is no considerable evidence.

2. Weaving Technique

Kilim rugs are usually woven via flat weaving technique which creates lightweight, thin and flat rugs and a little coarse texture. The designs and patterns are created using warps and wefts and setting them in the weaving process. This technique is also called tapestry technique since the rugs made are almost like tapestries. However, it means that while cleaning your carpet, you’ll have to stroke both horizontally as well as vertically to get the dust and dirt out properly.

3. Ideal Setting

Since the designs and patterns on kilim rugs are attractive and eye pleasing, and there are multiple options available in colors, you can buy antique kilim rugs, ancient or otherwise, for any room of the house. They make for excellent wall to wall floor coverings. You can put them in the sitting area of the living room to make it stand out from the entire room. They go with any kind of decor theme because of a wide range of colors and motifs on the rugs.

4. Maintenance

Since Kilim rugs are not fluff rugs, they’re very easy to maintain, their bright colors help conceal stains. Their thin structure does not let them absorb too much dust and makes them easy to be cleaned. Except for a few antique ones, most of these rugs can be hand washed. You can use vacuum cleaner or broom to get rid of any loose dust and debris. However, try avoiding any chemicals or machine washing your kilims. Kilims may bleed out colors so you may have to careful while drying them so that the colors bleeding colors aren’t re-absorbed by the rug (in the wrong places, of course).

Although Kilim rugs are very vibrant and are available in vivid colors, if you buy antique kilim rugs, they will usually have a somewhat worn out appearance due their hand-made patterns. However, be careful to spot the difference between worn out and dirty. You can buy new or antique kilim rugs online and pick from a plethora of colors that suit your decor so you can create the perfect interior look that soothes your soul.

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