5 Beautiful Urns For Your Pet’s Ashes

Every pet owner has to face that heart-wrenching moment in their lifetime.It’s not that they leave us, they just start a new journey, but the emptiness they leave in our hearts makes it that much more painful. Pet urns aren’t something we think about until we need to, but choosing a beautiful pet urn is a great way to honor your pet and keep them close to you. There are a variety of pet urns available on the market, and some are made especially for dogs. You can also get beautifully designed burial markers for dogs, where you will get an engraved photo of your beloved companion with the text you want. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

We have tried to simplify the process for you to help you through these hard times. Here are 5 beautiful urns for keeping your pets ashes.

5 Beautiful Urns For Your Pet’s Ashes

1.Metal Pet Urns:

Metal pet urns are not only beautiful but also durable. Although you cannot place it outside as the moisture and heat may rust it, they’re great for indoors and can match the elegance of your home. These urns are available in brass, pewter, gold, silver, etc. Some of them have paws engraved in them.

The urns are made with extreme care and come with a screw top. This ensures the lid stays in its place, even if dropping or tampering. You can also have them customized by having your pets name engraved on it to keep forever.

2.Biodegradable Pet Urns:

These hand-made urns are very popular and can be used for burial. Reason being is that these types of urns are made from environment-friendly and non-toxic materials. Materials used in manufacturing these urns are mulberry bark, newsprint, organic compost, block of salt, earthenware clay, paper clay, cornstarch and unglazed ceramic.

3.Picture Urn for Pets:

Photo or picture urns for pets are great. These urns have a secret chamber where you can keep the ashes. You can either choose the option of engraving the picture with laser, or you can just have the photo frame urns, where the picture will be displayed on the surface, and the ash will be kept in the secret chamber.

4.Wooden Urns:

Wooden urns are gorgeous and timeless. You can personalize them according to your preference. There are many options available on the market from which you can choose from.

5.Pet Figurine Cremation Urns:

You will get a solid hardwood base, adorned with an attached resin or alabaster figurine. You can also customize it by adding a nameplate and fill the ashes through the removable bottom.
Burial markers for dogs will go with pet urns well. You can place them both side by side and create a great corner in your house where you can spend quality time remembering your pet.

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