5 Cities Serving The Best Coffee

The trends of coffee have been into the world ever since the 19th century. There are multiple types and styles of coffee known so far. The type of coffee served in every part and city of the world is different and people prefer different types of coffees. Every country has its own coffee culture and coffee drinking habits. Here are the top cities of the world known for the types and styles of coffee that they serve.

5 Cities Serving The Best Coffee


The coffee culture of Melbourne is a well known one and is incredible in its approach. In accordance with World barista champion Pete Licata, Melbourne is the best city for coffee consumption. Coffee is an integral part of the culture of Melbourne and the annual coffee expo hosted by them is a clear evidence of the same. Piccolo latte is the most common coffee order in the city.


Coffee is a very important element of the overall italian culture and there are very few people who do not consume it. Instead most of the italian people, prefer coffee over any other hot beverage. Although, the drink is quite popular in the city but it is sometimes it gets a bit difficult to find the finest cup of espresso. Most of the baristas serve the best coffee in the city extracted from the good quality coffee beans.


The only american city which is ahead of all the other cities in the name of coffees is Seattle. People from Seattle have often quoted coffee as their liquid sunshine. The most ordered coffee drink in the city are cappuccinos or single origin and Espresso. The most popular coffee houses of the city are Empire Espresso, Victrola coffee roasters and Seattle coffee works.

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand is yet another food capital of the world, the flat white coffee from Wellington is much famous in the world today. The flat white is also known to be the national unofficial beverage of the city. As the Wellingtonites are much considerate about their cup of brew they know their brew and can judge any imperfection in it and even in the coffee beans. The local order of wellingtonites is undoubtedly flat white which is often regarded as the religion of Wellingtonites in terms of coffee.


London on the other hand is the capital for almost everything. Flat white is served in London as well but with a bit of London variation. Apart from that Cappuccino is also a well ordered coffee beverage. The east of london consists of the most coffee centric restaurant which are all high end in their approach. Allpress, climpson and sons and various other coffee shops experience a huge traffic of coffee lovers.

These are the few most visited cities of the world just for the coffee element. Although, there is more to the coffee cities of the world but these five are considered to be the best of them all. Almost everything starting from the coffee beans selection is much appreciated about these cities.

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