5 Daily Dental Mistakes that Makes Teeth Yellow

Yellow teeth are the sign of improper hygiene and tooth decay. Such color teeth look embarrassing, and it can make you feel less confident while smiling. To avoid such issues, you should use good toothpaste and do it twice a day.

In most of the cases, people with yellow teeth brush twice a day, flask their teeth and use mouth washes. So, what’s the reason behind all the issues of yellow teeth? Let’s learn about the common mistakes with Teeth whitening dental troy and get rid of all the issues with ease.

Below given are common daily dental mistakes done by everyone. If you are someone doing the same mistake, then you can face numerous issues.

  1. Tea causes stains

It doesn’t matter that you are a coffee lover or tea lover, you have to avoid it because of the tannin presence in it. This substance causes stain issues, and you can’t get rid of such stains with the toothpaste and brushes. To avoid this and still drink your favorite tea, try out the green tea because it is much better and won’t cause any stains.

  1. Carbonated Drinks

Who doesn’t love cola? Such drinks are filled with amazing flavors but the huge amount of sugar and other gases. These things can make your teeth turn yellow, and it has other issues also. Avoiding cola drinks and adopting juice is a better habit and you can rely on it. You may have seen that most of the dentists avoid cola drinks to prevent their teeth from yellowness.

  1. Red Wine

Most of the drinking habits cause more issues with the yellowness. According to Dental veneers troy and other reputed dentists, red wine is good for health but not for teeth. It mainly contains a substance called as chromogens that can turn your white teeth into yellow. Due to this, your teeth will be getting many stains after a long time.

  1. Candy is the biggest villain

Candy is the real love of kids and many youngsters. You can find these yummy and full of sugar but do you know that it is the biggest villain. Due to the excessive amount of sugar, tooth decay began, and the teeth start getting yellow. To avoid this issue, brushing your teeth on time matters a lot and it can help get rid of all the issues.

  1. Smoking

Smoking can be called as the biggest reason behind yellow teeth, but as you are learning about the common reasons, so, smoking is the last one here. It makes the teeth dark and yellowish from the back side, and then the tooth decay begins. As per time, teeth start getting yellow.

The same goes for tobacco, and it is important that you should avoid it as soon as possible. But, you are so late that your teeth are yellow now, and you have quit smoking and chewing tobacco then dentists can help you out. By choosing Teeth whitening troy clinic, you will get better treatment and quality results.

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