Indian jewelry is quite famous around the world. The credit goes to the royal looks it ties together and the intricate detailing the goes into making each piece. Latest Indian jewelry is quite easy to get online as well as offline given the popularity and demand. However, there’s not just one type of Indian jewelry. Within Indian culture, jewelry has been a major part of the socio-economic setting and continues to be so. Every Social segment has its own kind of jewelry that is influenced by the resources they have access to and their heritage.
However, with the trends becoming more global, there are some kinds of Indian jewelry that are stealing the limelight.

Here are 5 such kinds of Indian Jewelry that are becoming more popular by the day:

Kundan Jewelry

Brought in India by the Mughals, Kundan jewelry is the epitome of beauty. The carefully placed pieces of gems like rubies and sapphires within the frame of precious metals, specifically gold are what you need to tie together every bridal and wedding look. The most royal of the ethnic wears features kundan in one way or another. Lighter kundan jewelry is also worn by women in Indian festivals.

Rajwadi Jewelry

Featuring intricate detailing and use of pearls and colorful gems, Rajwadi jewelry is what Rajwadi queens used to wear on a daily basis. While the kundan technique is also used in Rajwadi jewelry, the latter is quite broader than the former. From heavy and broad chokers with mesh detailing to multiple pearl strings woven into one, this category entails elements from almost every other jewelry category in India.

Meenakari Jewelry

Brought to Indian from Persia, Meenakari is an art form. It uses colors into jewelry by pouring colors on the metal surface. Quite quirky and yet graceful in nature, Meenakari jewelry is popular for both regular uses as well as festive. It is usually combined with other forms of jewelry like Polki or Rajwadi, although meenakari exclusive jewelry is also quite loved in India and around the world.

Rajasthani Tribal Jewelry

Tribal jewelry is becoming quite the trend in pop culture. But within tribal jewelry in India, the Rajasthani tribal jewelry with heavy chunks, coins, and metal beads are quite popular, so much so that for most people, Rajasthani tribal is equivalent to tribal jewelry in its entirety.

Royal Polki Jewelry

Polki jewelry was also brought to India by the Mughals. Now an integral part of Indian Jewelry, Polki technique is quite similar to that of kundan. The only difference is regarding what is put within the metal frame. While in Kundan, it’s gem glasses, in Polki, it is raw diamonds. Since they’re not angularly cut and polished, they’re not too shiny and yet present grace in its purest form. Polki jewelry is also commonly worn in weddings and festivals.

The global market for Indian jewelry is increasing by the day. A look at the sheer beauty represented by the latest Indian jewelry is enough to tell you why. Moreover, multinational Indian jewlery sources online are making it further easier for people to get them from anywhere. This is contributing to the increasing popularity of the jewelry. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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