5 Medical Tools That Are Indispensable In Today’s Time

Diagnostic medical tools help bridge the gap between the information provided by the patient regarding the disease and accurate diagnosis. These tools assist doctors and nurses to monitor or diagnose disease to proffer suitable remedies. Contemporarily, equipment or tools used to measure a patient’s vitals among other primary procedures offer efficiency owing to technologically advanced manufacturing systems. Not only pharmaceutical innovations but technological advancements in tools like the electronic ECG machines have become common at clinics and hospitals. These have taken medical procedures leaps and bound ahead and greatly improved the quality of life. We bring a list of 5 elementary medical tools available online at Smart Medical Buyer that are indispensable in medical establishments:

5 Medical Tools That Are Indispensable In Today's Time

Weighing Scale

A weighing scale is a instrument that has been used by medical practitioners for ages and it has gradually evolved from the most primitive weigh balance to digital scales. These weighing scales accurately measure the weight of a patient without exceptions. The most advanced ones used in high-tech hospitals can measure the body mass index (BMI) of the patients as well. While measuring weight might seem like an almost unnecessary exercise, it helps in determining the grammage of the drug to be administered to each patient.


In this age where being short-tempered and having high blood pressure are fairly common, a device that gauges the blood pressure is a handy device. A sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable cuff usually made from rubber that goes around a patient’s arm at a height parallel to the heart. When the tube inflates, it blocks the blood flow in the person’s arteries and instantaneously the mercury (manometer) measures the blood pressure.

You can easily find portable sphygmomanometers that monitor the pressure through the fingers or the wrist as well. While they are portable and handy, they don’t offer readings as accurate as mercury-based manometers. Mercury manometers require no recalibration and hence, they are the best for blood pressuring gauging.


A thermometer is one of the most common household medical equipment. It is small and accurately measures the body temperature of a patient. Apart from mercury-based thermometers, many digital thermometers are readily available online. The common oral thermometer is placed under one’s tongue, whereas, there are others that measure the body temperature through the anus or the ear. The aural thermometer takes the temperature through the ear, and with the new digital ones you may store the readings for future reference.

Additionally, there are thermometers that use infrared rays on the forehead to measure the temperature. They offer readings within split seconds on LCD screens. However, these thermometers are considerably expensive and confined to medical practitioners.

Mercury-based or digital, get the thermometer of your choice at Smart Medical Buyer.


Commonly used by ophthalmologists (eye doctors), the Ophthalmoscope is used to view the optic nerve, blood vessels, lens and the retina of a patient’s eye. Eye drops as administered to the patient to dilate the pupils before the test.  

The ophthalmoscope consists of a concave mirror, an in-built light and monocular eyepiece that magnifies the vision. The manual version is equipped with lenses of various powers that can be rotated to adjust the image required by the doctor. The ophthalmoscope is available in a variety of digital options as well.

If you’re an ophthalmologist, you can get a brand new one for yourself.


The iconic symbol that defines the medical profession has more uses than commonly perceived. The stethoscope simply allows the practitioners to receive an audio of the patient’s organs and the blood pressure. These signals are essential to determine abnormalities in a patient’s body that might need attention without x-ray imaging. The use of the stethoscope dates to the 19th century. You can buy Littman stethoscope online in India on Smart Medical Buyer.

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