5 New Things To Try On Social Media In 2018

As the time passing by, we are becoming more advanced in the world of technology and web. Social media is one of those platforms that are majorly utilized by the companies of all over the globe for promotional purposes.

Social media is a platform which has wide range of audience varying from one another but connected at one place closely. It will be surprising and engaging for the audience if you start the year with giving them something new to talk about.

This will increase the chances of your company doing better than the competitors of same profession.

Here are few ideas that you can implement in 2018 to enhance impact of your social media page on audience :-

5 New Things To Try On Social Media In 2018

Publish short stories

I hope most of you almost get familiar to story feature of social media platforms. Now every single social media platform is equipped with the option where anybody can publish a story which will get disappear within 24 hours. The story will be only visible to members of the group . You can also use a private hashtag just to make sure that promotion of brand is on point.

I have seen many companies engaging audience with their business by just teasing them through story. You have option to publish a coupon code or offer to hook them up with your brand.

Add music to videos through facebook

We have seen how crucial is to add accurate music as per the video content. music can break or make your promotional clip. So, recently facebook has decided to give its user a great tool called sound collection. It is a video editing tool that provide audience a option to add free music to video. You even don’t have to worry about copyright issue, the music is royalty-free.

Display your best content

Instagram “highlight” feature let your brand present the best content to the targeted audience permanently. The feature is highly valuable and effective for the brands as they can save, repost and measure the effectiveness of content whenever they want. If any content you feel can be used in future also then its better to put that into highlights rather than in self destructing content mode.

Express in 280 characters

Twitter finally made an announcement for which we all been waiting for. Now the limit is set to 280 characters which means now we have opportunity to share the story in more number of words. The concept is clear, one needs to be interesting at the same time a good storyteller to pull audience towards the business from the tweet.

Promote on snapchat

Snapchat is a latest buzz of the town , more than half of the teenage population is active user of snapchat app. It is a great platform to promote the brand, you can publish a short article or story on a daily basis to engage the audience with the company. The latest one is the geofilter and lenses that allows company to look what users do after they see the sponsored ad.


Over the past few years social media has grown tremendously, much faster than we expected. Everyday a social media platform pop up and change the way of marketing. In order to remain ahead from the competitors, you need to stay updated with the marketing trends to achieve the outcomes you aimed for.

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