There’s no such thing as perfect parenting. But we all strive to define our own perfect. Even the top parenting blogs do not claim they’re flawless and smooth at it.

Parenting is not easy. It’s one of those jobs that get difficult with time. But sharing experiences and knowing that other people experience the same challenges as well, helps a lot. That is exactly why bloggers started parenting blogs.
Every parenting blog has its own approach, it’s own style, but there are a few things that almost all top parenting blogs have in common. Here are some :

Mess Up Stories

Everyone knows that there’s nothing that can prepare you for the sheer task that is parenting. So there’s no chance that you do everything right in the first try. There have to be multiple mess up stories like forgetting your kid’s favourite toy at home while travelling, or accidentally finding out they’re allergic to peanuts or almost forgetting them in target. The intesity may vasy, but everyone makes boops while parenting. A good parenting blog shares such mistakes so that their readers can learn and avoid making the same mistakes. While there’ll always be people who’ll criticize such bloggers for not being experts in parenting and for making mistakes, top bloggers always focus on the positive feedback and try to be helpful first and role models later.


Most top parenting blogs have a travel section. The major reason behind it is that travelling builds a person’s personality and changes definitions of who she is and pushes and blurs the boundaries that stop them from connecting with other people. Childhood filled with travelling leads to blooming of a wider understanding and open mind. Good parenting blogs share their experience of those trips and the little challenges they face during it so that their readers can plan a better trip and be more prepared.

The Kids Have a Share Too

While the parenting blogs are started by the parents, when the kids grow up, most top parenting blogs also include their kids perspective as well, giving them a the experience of a platform. This is in itself a parenting tip. Parents should include their kids in what they’re doing so that it can increase the common ground for the parents and the kids. Not only will it encourage more understanding and trust, but even create opportunities for valuable conversations.

A Balance Of Advice And Experience

No one likes to be dictated on how they should do things. This is why top parenting blogs follow an approach of balance between advising the parents and sharing their experience. A balanced blog will provide you handy tips and hacks on how to manage multiple things altogether but will also share how they too failed at first and then chose another way to manage things. The blogs entirely based on dictating the parents on what to do and what not to do, tend to be abrasive and thus may turn counterproductive. The aim of a parenting blog should always be sharing instead of educating.


There is no universal parenting approach that is bound to get you success. Something that works for one family may not work for another. Experimenting is the key. It is quite visible in top parenting blogs that the parents keep experimenting with their style of parenting and being open. They try new things to find common grounds with their kids and make their kids accustomed to change. Moreover, experimenting would let your kids know that you’re not orthodox and that you’re ready to change when it’s beneficial for everyone. Orthodoxy or non flexible parenting does not take family connections too far.

Although there is no thumb rule to success of parenting blog, there are a few prerequisites. The above mentioned elements are found in almost all successful and top parenting blogs. They’re also at the core of efficient parenting. A parenting blog usually created in partnership by both parents and are aimed at providing inspiration to parents to try new things or old things in new ways.

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