A Comprehensive Guide to Cafe Blinds

Cafe blinds are transparent or slightly translucent/tinted screens that are installed in semi-outdoor areas, especially in places like a café, to keep the direct sunlight as well as elements floating freely in the environment such as falling leaves from trees and dust particles from reaching such spaces. These blinds can be made out of different kinds of plastic, but generally polyvinyl chloride or PVC is used. If you want to increase the seating capacity of your café then you can install such blinds at your outdoor space.

Uses of Café Blinds:

  •  Usually outdoors only, to cover enclosed areas of a cafe, restaurant, and patios in general.
  • May also be used indoors, as per personal tastes.

Features and Advantages in Using Café Blinds:

  •  Privacy and securityThe blinds can be used for either partial or full coverage, or can be rolled up for optimum visibility. The blinds also restrict the entry of insects and stray animals, apart from reducing visibility from outside (in case of tinted blinds).
  • Gives protectionCafe blinds able to stand the idiosyncrasies of weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, scorching sunrays and/or heat waves. This means that the population within can indulge in quality time irrespective of the weather outside while at the same time being protected from airborne contagious diseases.
  • Saves furnitureIf say a sofa set out of doors is subjected to prolonged exposure to bright sunlight particular at high temperatures, the wood is likely to develop cracks and the fabric will lose color. Cafe blinds save outdoor furniture from getting damaged, as the intensity of sunlight is reduced due to the presence of the screen.
  • Quick installationThe installation of these see-through blinds is an easy process and can be achieved within 15-30 minutes, depending on the area that is to be covered. But to install such blinds, you need to hire some trained professionals and they can easily install these café blinds at your outdoor area. Even you can also use such blinds for your commercial space and install them on your terrace to design a cafeteria.
  • Easy usage and maintenance – These days, both remote-controlled and manual blinds are available in the market. Due to their smooth texture, dust can be wiped off using a dry towel. Wet cleaning is also fine, since there are no possibilities of rusting or turning soggy, unlike metal and wooden blinds. However, it would be wise to be cautious while wet-cleaning a remote-controlled blind, as it has certain electrical parts to it.
  • Why is it Desirable for You Purchase Café Blinds?

     They are a cheaper and more effective solution for covering outdoor spaces as compared to wooden, fabric, and metallic blinds. A single unit/set of good quality cafe blinds can last for a minimum of 3 to 5 years, depending on what they are made to endure and how well they are maintained. These blinds do not get affected by weather conditions and they are durable too.

    These blinds can be of many styles, like retractable, fixed, shuttered, and roller style. The use of cafe blinds drastically reduces the consumption of electricity, as artificial lighting is replaced by natural sunlight. So, investing in a cafe blind today will save you from having to pay hefty bills in the near future. Café blinds come in many colors (most commonly in clear white, black, and some pastel shades like browns) and the right choice can make your exteriors pop.

    This type of blind adds a subtle boundary to extended spaces without making it seem too obvious. The presence of these blinds promises a smart look and instils a sense of security among the person/people inside.

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