A Few Tips For Effective Communication With Your Aging Parents

As your parents grow older, it becomes quite difficult for them to communicate smoothly. Weak memory, sensory loss, frustration and other factors that often come with aging, become barriers to effective communication. The good news is that these barriers can be controlled with a good consideration and little effort.

Communicating with senior citizens can be quite complicated. Elderly may have various mental or physical ailments, a big difference in viewpoints and ideas or other things that makes communication difficult. You must keep in mind that senior citizens were once young themselves, and the obstacles that they are encountering during communication were not always there. However, communicating effectively with your elderly parents should be easy. After all, you are doing it for most of your lives.

Learning to communicate effectively with your aging parents or your loved senior citizens be rewarding, it offers their great memories of a very long time that you have a chance to keep up with you.


Listed below are some helpful tips that can assist you to learn to communicate more effectively with your aging parent.


Sitting face-to-face with your parents while communicating can help greatly in making the communication more effective and better. Sitting directly opposite, you can eradicate possible environmental distractions around you and let your parents know they have your full attention.


Making eye contact with your aging loved one is another finest step that can positively affect the communication process. Try to establish and maintain eye contact during conversation. This allows your aging parents to effective read the facial expressions, and also eliminates any surrounding distractions.


Don’t sit down to communicate with your aging parents if they were a kid. Don’t forget the fact they are your parents and respect it. Treat your parents or any other senior person with respect. What will your gut reaction, if someone communicates disrespectfully with you? Keep in mind. When you judge a person, their heat and mind both shattered down. Always talk in the calm and cool manner with a good tone of voice, even if you don’t want to. In case you sound agitated or angry, they will often step back and won’t share anything with you.


Effective listening is an important part of any communication process, especially when you are communicating with your aging parents. Listen attentively to what they are saying, assure that you are listening to them and respond to what they are saying. A smiling face or little acknowledgment is sometimes enough for effective communication. Be totally present for them, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Follow the above-mentioned tips for an effective communication with your aging parents.

For many adult kids, watching their parents aging can be a sign of sadness. As an individual grows older, they slow down, their wants and needs increase, thereby leaving their families with difficult decision to make. When these situations arise, senior home care in Tampa, St Petersburg can be a great solution.

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