An Overview Of The Maruti Brezza

Maruti Suzuki is one of the leading car companies that have aced the SUV department of the automobile industry for years. They design cars which are comfortable, regal and at the same time cost-effective. Their cars have won the award of ‘bestselling car’ multiple times and they seem to serve the market till date with equal zeal and panache. Maruti Suzuki launched the MarutiVitaraBrezza in March, and since then it has remained to be one of the bestselling cars with over 3 lakh sales mark. Maruti Suzuki approximately sells 10,714 cars of the VitaraBrezza every month.

The updated version of this VitaraBrezza sub-4-meter compact SUV will be launched in 2019 in the form of Maruti Vitara Brezza facelift. This new car has only brought in some cosmetic changes to the older version but also upgraded some of its important features. This car will be first launched in the UK this September and will be later on available in other countries by next year. The 2019 VitaraBrezza will be available in two new colours which will be unveiled closer to the launch date.

Advanced safety measures will also be available in this new model along with tech upgrades. The faceliftedVitaraBrezza will be bigger than the previous model measuring around 4.2 meters in length. It has an updated face with vertically aligned chrome slats, redesigned grille with fat, larger airdam, redesigned front bumper and little bigger LED running lamps for daytime purposes. The cabin also got redesigned and can be seen with an interior trim made with the improved quality material. The soft-touch material has been used for the upper instrument panel of the dashboard. The instrument cluster also got a new revamped look with colour central information for better display.

There will some additional features available in this SUV which was not present in its Indian cousin MarutiBrezza that was launch in 2016. In this SUV, the top-end variant will have features like traffic symbol recognition, rear cross traffic alert, dual sensor brake support, blind spot monitor and lane departure warning and prevention. In this 2019 model, there will be both 1.0 and 1.4-litre Boosterjet turbocharged petrol engines by replacing the former 1.6-litre petrol engine. This form of turbocharged petrol engines was designed by borrowing the idea of advanced UK-specification of the S-Cross model range.

The lower variants of this car will be equipped with 1.9 bhp, 1.0-litre Boosterjet turbocharged engine. These variants will also get Suzuki’s ALLGRIP four-wheel-drive system along with manual transmission version. The higher grade variants will be designed with 1.4 liters Boosterjet turbocharged engine which will create 138 bhp and 220 Nm of peak torque. These top variants will be available from 1,500 rpm through to 4,000 rpm.

The test drives have already begun in India and were also noticed in some special events. The Maruti Suzuki VitaraBrezza facelift review by far has been really good and hence, it will be available soon in the Indian market. This will give a stiff competition to other rival companies as this car has everything that you dream of!


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