Bachelor Of Science In Optometry: Why The Demand Is Growing For Optometrist?

Bachelor of Science in Optometry is one of the most availed courses among medical aspirants in the country. The reason is because people these days have become health conscious and are ready to spend a fortune to get immediate and proper treatment for their eyes to correct issues and to get back vision. The fact is optometrist these days are earning a good amount and this is what has prompted candidates in huge numbers to apply for this lucrative course.

Bachelor Of Science In Optometry: Why The Demand Is Growing For Optometrist?

Increased demand for Optometrist

According to the industry experts, several reasons do exist for people to visit the qualified and experienced optometrist, when compared to the ophthalmologist. The optometrist having completed B.Sc optometric can get jobs as technical assistants and can easily get jobs in labs or clinics, anywhere in the country. They are provided with both practical and theoretical training to prove to be useful to their seniors and help patients to get respite and remedy as early as possible.

Duties and functions of the optometrist

  • They are allowed to conducted basic eye exams on people irrespective of their age.
  • They can examine and suggest proper eye glasses or contact lenses.
  • They can also help young children to provide them with paediatric eye exams.
  • Specialty contact lens will require high astigmatism lenses, bifocals and lens worn after completing the surgery, etc. The optometrists can provide them proper recommendations.


It is important for the candidates to undergo B.Sc in optometry which is considered to be an Undergraduate program, only from the reputed and authorized institutes in the country. Optometry is stated to be a healthcare profession dealing diagnosis, examination, treatment as well as managing disorders and diseases related to the visual system. Rather, it is termed as vision care science.

It can also be defined as eye equipment (including spectacles and lenses) science, with the objective to improve human eye vision and to eliminate all types of obstacles to the sight, faced by patients. In short, the work of the optometrist can rightly be stated to be challenging and dynamic. It does allow the candidate to achieve respect from the whole community, personal growth, financial success and job flexibility, while availing limitless opportunities both at home and abroad.

This program has been designed to create at paramedical level, multipurpose ophthalmic manpower. The student through the training can become a qualified and highly competent professional capable enough to provide service in the role of an Ophthalmic Assistant, Refractionist, Optometrist and Optician serving the community in rural, semi-urban and urban settings. Also, the qualified candidate will be able to get jobs in governmental, semi-governmental and private sectors.

Career scope

  • Join as assistants to ophthalmologists at leading hospital clinics.
  • Run optical stores independently
  • Practice within optical establishments
  • Enjoy overseas job opportunities
  • Providing clinical services within manufacturing & distribution of contact lenses, ophthalmic instruments and ophthalmic lenses.
  • Initiate manufacturing unit to develop top quality optical lenses, etc.

Those interested to undergo higher studies will have the opportunity to join M.Sc. as well as PhD programs. They can become Optometry faculties.

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