Conserve Water, or Go Broke: 5 Tips to Save Water at Home and Get Money-Savings

The water that we’re able to drink belongs to the precious environmental resource category. It can be used up, dried up, wasted to nothing. In other words, it’s not unlimited. But, in the way we consume water, it seems that we don’t know about that fact at all.

Conserving water can provide us a host of benefits, especially in the financial and environmental aspect. With the rising cost of potable water and the threat of global warming, it will do us good if we conserve water, and there’s no place more convenient to save water than in our homes.

Thus, if you want to acquire the many benefits of saving water, it’s essential that you know the various ways to do it. For a little help, here are some ideas that you can follow for you to save water at home.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Taking a Bath

If you spend too much time taking a bath, you’ll consume a significant amount of water for it. A showerhead, for instance, will consume up to 2 gallons in a minute.  A standard bathtub, on the other hand, can contain up to 25 gallons of water.

Imagine how many gallons of water you’ll use and the cost of your water bills if you take a long shower. Thus, if water conservation is your thing, you need to cut your shower time.

Wash a Full Load Laundry at a Time

Conserve Water, or Go Broke: 5 Tips to Save Water at Home and Get Money-Savings

Washing a full load laundry at a time will help you save precious water at home. It’s a smart way to do your laundry because of your dirty clothes for a week. For example, you’ll only wash one time, It allows you to consume just a little amount of water, unlike washing a small-load laundry at different times in a week.

Don’t Defrost Food with Tap Water

Defrosting using water from the faucet is a no-no if you want to save water. There’s also a health aspect to it because thawing your frozen food in running water from your faucet can help promote bacteria in the food. So, instead of using tap water, you can use a microwave for it.

Get a Modern, Water-Efficient Toilet Bowl

Conserve Water, or Go Broke: 5 Tips to Save Water at Home and Get Money-Savings

Upgrading your toilet bowl is one excellent way to conserve water at home. It’s because the old toilet bowl that you have in your home can use up more water in every flush than you can imagine. Thus, it will do you good if you buy a new one in place of it.

Nowadays, there are modern, water-efficient toilet bowls that will help you in your water conservation project. Using a modern toilet bowl will enable you to save up to 40 gallons of water a day.

Buy a Water Tank

Putting up a water tank in your household will not only enable you to conserve water, but you also be water independent when there’s a water restriction. There are various uses for the water in your tank. You can use it for watering your plants, for cleaning your house, and for bathing. If you need a water tank at home, you can visit sites like GStore for it.


Water conservation is an important action that we can all take part of to save the environment and to save money on our water bills. In fact, the ways to achieve it are rather simple, and we can start it in our homes. The list of water conservation ideas above will help us for that purpose.


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