Insurances are not a luxury anymore. Gone are the days when it was only the elite class that used to have insurances for what they owned. With changing policies of making health insurance among a few others mandatory, and increasing risks, more and more insurance coverage options are being made available in the market to cover as many damage aspects as possible.
While one doesn’t need to get too many of them, there are a few that are as good as a necessity. Here are some of the most important insurance covers that you and your family should have :

Life Insurance

While health and medical insurance is, by law, mandatory to have in USA for citizens above the decided income slab, life insurance is not. But that does not mean it is any less important. There are various factors that make life insurance important. These factors include coverage to your family in case of any sudden mishap, a mandatory saving that can help in future to realise long term plans, along with the sense of security that comes with it.

Renters Insurance

Also called tenants’ insurance by some, renters insurance is what helps you if you have to replace anything own in the property you’ve rented. For example, if a fire breaks in your apartment or a burglar robs you, your renters agreement covers the expenses of replacing the things you already had in your apartment. So don’t be Rachel (FRIENDS Season 3 Episode 7) and get your Renters’ agreement today.

Personal Umbrella

Personal umbrella insurance is basically for those times when you accidentally damage someone else’s property or end up bodily hurting someone in accidents. This insurance covers your liability above your other personal insurances.Everyone is susceptible to accidents and sometimes you cannot control what kind of damage will be caused due to that accident. And these mishaps can cost you heavily especially if a court trial is involved and the decision is not in your favour.
It is thus self explanatory why this insurance is so important. It makes sure you can compensate for the losses you cased without the intention of causing that loss.

Flood Insurance

In areas like my own, Lake Charles, flood is a common occurrence and it can cause heavy damage that can cost upto and even more than your entire life’s savings. It is thus a good idea in to flood insurance in Lake Charles LA and other such regions. If your region is prone to any kind of natural disaster, it is a smart decision to get that disaster covered under an insurance policy so that you can stay stable even if the weather or nature isn’t.

Auto Insurance

Automobiles aren’t cheap. And this cost goes even up in case of any kind of damage to the vehicle. But since there is no guarantee that you’re always safe on the road, it is ideal to get you vehicle covered under a suitable auto insurance policy so that you don’t have to burn another hole in your pocket in case of even a minor road accident. In certain cases like DUI, many states make it mandatory to produce your vehicle insurance papers so as to ensure that your fines will be submitted to the state. .

These are some the basic and as good as mandatory insurances you should get to keep your property as well as your family secured and covered in case of any loss. It is better to get your property insured while it’s new and life insured while it’s young. The premiums offered are low and thus it gets easier to pay each installment while getting the same, if not better, coverage. Tomorrow may be too late. So find a trusted insurance company in your region and get yourself insured today.

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