Malaysia is one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Indian citizen. Keeping this into account Malaysian government to remove the hassle of offline visa application, decide to give the interested Indian citizens an online portal to apply for the visa to Malaysia. This is termed as evisa. Although Malaysia is a comparatively less stringent country when it comes to visa application processing, but yet more than not many anticipating tourist are disheartened with their Malaysia sticker visa Application rejection.

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Keep these tips in mind when you plan to apply for a sticker visa to Malaysia, to mitigate the possibility of your application being rejected:


The minuscule signature that you slither anywhere is of utmost importance, as it is your pivotal identification mark. Be careful and consistent while filling all the documents so that your signature is the same everywhere.


Yes, one can easily get a visa on arrival in Malaysia but only after getting a visa approval letter. You can not pick up your Malaysian visa without the letter issued by your nation’s Immigration department.


VIsa application forms have clearly define photo requirements, which every tourist must follow. Blurry, cropped out, old or any fancy photo get rejected immediately. Ensure that your pictures are as per the guidelines.


This is one of the most common mistakes that lead to visa application rejection. Tourist often mistakenly mention their date of flight instead of the date that they will be at Malaysian land.


TOurist should be aware that every nation’s visa has a set of do’s and don’ts. It is important that they follow it and accordingly apply for the visa. Not following the visa rules might lead to wastage of time, money with ultimately your visa getting denied.

If you are thinking of evisa , we are here for you to get malaysia evisa with hassle free procedures. While we are at it, we think it is equally important to let you know of some of the most common visa Malaysia scams that you must steer clear of :

Never apply for a visa through a website that asks for full payment in one go. A legitimate website will only ask for a certain amount before the visa is approved.
Avoid any website that claims to be the official website for visa application.
Since only an Indian Agent can apply for Malaysia visa on your behalf, make sure that you are not charged in any other foreign currency but Rupee.

You can trust upon Visa Malaysia.in , to help you get your visa approved quicker and at a reasonable rate, without you having to waste money on flight booking and hotel reservations. We make sure that you don’t lose money in advanced booking. We aim at making the visa application and approval, a hassle-free processing which is why we offer 24*7 help and support to ensure that all your visa related queries are adequately resolved. Depending upon your requirement you can choose from a Malaysian Visa, with which you can stay in Malaysia for 15 days or Malaysia e visa which allows you 30 days stay.

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