Facts About HR Staffing Agencies And Why They Matter

Why Would A Company Use Staffing Agents And Why Should I Be Recruited?

Staff Services work along with the company that’s hiring to place qualified applicants in open positions; Job seekers place their information with the staffing agent to be placed in a position without the need to apply at multiple places.

Being The Best HR Candidate

Even those who are born leaders can use a little guidance in securing employment. Human Resources professionals can seek out assistance through employee recruiting firms. Companies can also benefit from enlisting the service of hr staffing agencies. Becoming a successful and trusted employee of a company requires a little effort, and a lot of dedication. For an applicant, star-status is achieved by embracing the goals of the company. The mission should be to gain all of the knowledge possible about the company, it’s policies, procedures and most importantly the team. Familiarizing themselves with the goals and vision, and taking initiative to implement new strategies. Finding new ways of simplifying things and increase productivity while including team members to collaborate with. Find out the functions that work, and those that the other employees find complex or obnoxious. Fixing these small fundamental processes presents an opportunity to shine.

Benefits To The Applicant

An HR Agency also presents a unique placement opportunity that allows an applicant to get a foot in the door and gain experience. This keeps the company focused on running their business instead of being distracted by the hiring process. Giving the burden to HR Staffing Agencies means the company provides the work and trusts the agency to provide qualified staff that they can trust. All of the legwork has been done, processes completed, and references checked by the HR Agency.

How To Make A Good Impression

Having a professional resume with references, experience, skills, and certifications is crucial. Making an effective first impression with the staffing agency can be the difference in placement and missed opportunities. Keeping the resume updated is also very important, refreshing with valuable new experiences and learned skills.

Seeing How The Worker Pans Out

At one time, when I heard the term “Temp Service” or “Temp Position” it was a turn-off for me. The roles of these agencies have since evolved into something very different. Companies are now utilizing staff services to place permanent employees through such services to basically ‘weed out’ the employees who do not fair well in that particular placement. It allows the company to have a trial period for potential staff members. I know of two separate instances in my personal life that have been at both ends of the spectrum. My husband was placed in a position with a company that hires contractors for their staffing needs. This particular company offers the potential for permanent hire and my husband excelled in this job. In six months he was hired for a “company” position that he loved. Had it not been for the staffing service getting him in the door, he may have never had the opportunity.

It’s A Competitive World

On the other hand, I myself was placed in a position at a library through a different staffing agency. The county had their policies and hiring practices, and through that process they were more focused outside for recruits than internally through staff services. Neither myself or the other contracted employee were chosen for the position after working there for nearly a year. I cannot blame the staffing agency, they were fantastic. The library hiring system is designed for over qualified individuals who are grossly underpaid. The process of a scoring system was the basis of the interview, how well you answer the questions. In a nutshell, the ability to perform the job was not the guidelines for the interview, only the very rigid scoring system.

Make A Difference

Most companies hiring for HR positions are looking for someone who can effectively run the office, take care of the hiring, firing, and internal affairs of the staff. Making a concerted effort to be innovative, as well as involved with other employees, and a skill for problem-solving will increase the chances of permanent placement.

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